Alarms & Sensors

  • UMP Economy Alarm System Stanley Security Solutions 91230

    UMP Economy

    UMP Economy Alarm System White

    Attaches to a bed or chair The exclusive Safety Klip is attached to the resident No on/off switch Single person monitoring device that alarms when unsupervised resident movement occurs Alarm sounds when magnetic seal is broken between monitor and the...

  • drive Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System Drive Medical 13606


    drive Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System Blue

    Drive pressure-sensitive chair and bed patient alarm is placed underneath a user who is at risk of falling or wandering. The tamper-proof alarm comes in two sizes to fit a chair/wheelchair or along a portion of a bed with the choice of a reset button...

  • Econo Chair Alarm System Skil-Care 909208


    Econo Chair Alarm System Blue

    The Econo-Alarm by Skil-Care alerts caregivers when an individual has moved from their chair. Because the alarm is secured with an adjustable Velcro strap it can be used on multiple seats, such as wheelchairs, geri-chairs and recliners. The cord that...

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