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  • McKesson Pillowcase McKesson Brand 16-915


    McKesson Pillowcase Disposable White, 21 W X 30 L Inch

    Package Count: 100. McKesson premium pillowcases are designed with high quality nonwoven material that is extra soft and cloth-like for comfort. These premium pillowcases are ideal for patient rooms, as well as outpatient and critical care areas.White...

  • McKesson Pillowcase McKesson Brand 16-MS400


    McKesson Pillowcase Disposable Premium White, Individually Wrapped

    Nonwoven, disposable pillowcase.Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from staple fiber and long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The term is used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote...

  • McKesson Pillowcase McKesson Brand 18-917


    McKesson Pillowcase Disposable

    The McKesson disposable pillowcase provides a soft tissue outside for user comfort with an inner poly moisture barrier to protect the pillow.Tissue/Poly 21 x 30 inches Tissue/poly pillowcases provide a soft tissue outside for patient comfort with an...

    Starting at $25.09
  • McKesson Pillowcase McKesson Brand 18-9355


    McKesson Pillowcase Disposable White, Fabri-Cel Deluxe

    Package Count: 100. The McKesson disposable paper products offering features pillowcases. These disposable pillowcases are made from Fabricel®, a soft, durable material created by fusing polyethylene and supple tissue; it provides optimal barrier and...

  • Dignity Mattress Cover Hartmann 39075


    Dignity Mattress Cover White, For Twin Sized Mattresses

    Protect your expensive mattress investment with these comfortable, quilted, Water-resistant mattress protectors by Dignity. It lays on top of your mattress allowing the soft, polyester top and bottom to absorb all moisture while the white vinyl center...