• drive Small Base Quad Cane Drive Medical 10301-4


    drive Silver Small Base Quad Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    With a four-point base and an offset handle, the drive Quad Cane provides extra stability and support. The height of this small-base cane can be easily adjusted with the push of a button. Its sturdy construction allows the user to walk confidently on...

    Starting at $23.99
  • McKesson Round Handle Cane McKesson Brand 146-RTL10342


    McKesson Silver Round Handle Cane with Foam Grip

    Standard-style cane for enhanced maneuverability allowing use in narrow spaces such as staircases. Features a round handle with a foam rubber grip -- smaller than standard canes -- designed for user comfort and to accommodate small hands.Round handle...

    Starting at $9.99
  • McKesson Small Base Quad Cane McKesson Brand 146-10301F-4


    McKesson Small Base Quad Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    The McKesson Quad Cane offers a combination of stability and maneuverability with its small-base design. Its four-legged base ensures stand-alone capability, providing users extra support to lean on without the fear of falling or tripping. This cane is...

    Starting at $16.99