• Curity NonWoven Sponge Cardinal


    Curity 4-Ply Cellulose Non-Woven Sponge

    Filled with layer of cellulose wadding covered with nonwoven fabric Sterile sponges Conveniently indexed in 10s for faster, easier handling

  • SilverGel Resta Silver Wound Gel Urgo Medical North America LLC 8597

    SilverGel Resta

    SilverGel Resta Silver Wound Gel

    Releases silver as demanded by the bioburden of the wound Tested to kill for at least 3 days, Elta's SilverGel is completely clear allowing clinical observation of the wound bed For OTC use on minor burns, superficial cuts, lacerations, abrasions and...

    Starting at $21.49
  • HydraLock SA Super Absorbent Dressing DermaRite Industries


    HydraLock SA Super Absorbent Dressing Sterile

    HydraLock SA is a super absorbent dressing consisting of a non-adherent contact layer and a waterproof backing that prevents strikethrough It rapidly absorbs wound exudate into the super absorbent polymer core in order to minimize the risk for maceration...

    Starting at $27.99
  • Aquacel Extra Hydrofiber Dressing Convatec


    Aquacel Extra Hydrofiber Dressing

    The Aquacel® Extra™ Hydrofiber® Dressing is made to dress and protect wounds so that they will heal properly. It's nine times stronger and 39 percent more absorbent than the standard Aquacel® dressing, making it suitable for moderate to more serious...

    Starting at $68.99
  • Eclypse Super Absorbent Wound Dressing Mediusa


    Eclypse Cellulose Super Absorbent Wound Dressing 4 X 4'' Sterile

    You can use this Eclypse Square Sterile Super-Absorbent Cellulose Wound Dressing to absorb and retain fluids, since it utilizes a super-absorbent layer and a moisture locking system for rapid fluid intake. The non-strike-through, bacteria-proof backing...

    Starting at $5.99