FSA Eligible

  • Luna Double Electric Breast Pump Kit Motif Medical AAA0013-20


    Luna Double Electric Breast Pump Kit

    Sophisticated, strong, and soothing, The Luna is a powerful breast pump from Motif Medical, built for modern motherhood and proven to provide More Milk in Less Time®. Perfect for pumping at home, at your desk or in the car, the Luna comes with a...

  • McKesson Lubricating Jelly McKesson Brand 16-8946


    McKesson Lubricating Jelly Sterile 5 Gram Individual Packet

    Lessen discomfort and ease concerns with the McKesson Lubricating Jelly. It comes with improved viscosity to reduce friction and ensure synthetic surfaces, surgical instruments and rubber materials remain slick and smooth. This helps prevent injury...

    As low as $20.60
  • McKesson Lubricating Jelly McKesson Brand 16-8919


    McKesson Lubricating Jelly Sterile 4 oz. Tube

    Greaseless water and glycerin combination is ideal for lubricating rubber materials and synthetic surfaces as well as surgical instruments including rectal thermometers for infants, and rectal and vaginal nozzles for adults.Nonstaining and water soluble...

    As low as $19.98
  • Tivic ClearUP 2.0 Bioelectronic Sinus Relief Device Tivic Health Systems Inc SN200

    Tivic ClearUP 2.0

    Tivic ClearUP 2.0 Bioelectronic Sinus Relief Device ,

    It's not a spray, pill, or flush – it's a revolution that works. ClearUP from Tivic Health offers precise, targeted sinus relief that you control. Powered by patented bioelectronic technology, this device works harmoniously with your body's natural...

  • McKesson Cold and Cough Relief McKesson Brand 98008


    McKesson Cherry Cold & Cough Lozenge

    MooreBrand cherry cough suppressant/oral anesthetic drops are for temporary cough relief due to minor throat and bronchial irritation as may occur with a cold.Each cough drop contains 7.6 milligrams of menthol 300 cherry-flavor lozenges per dispenser...

    As low as $25.60
  • McKesson Antacid McKesson Brand 87675


    McKesson Antacid Mint Flavor Tablet, Ct

    Mint-flavor calcium carbonate serves as an antacid to treat common stomach ailments – such as indigestion, heartburn and general tummy aches.420 milligrams of calcium carbonate per tablet Two tablets for acid indigestion, gas, heartburn and acid stomach...

    As low as $22.52
  • McKesson Pain Relief McKesson Brand 87676


    McKesson 325mg Aspirin Pain Relief Tablet Unflavored

    Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, is the original wonder drug. It relieves pain from headaches, toothaches and the like and reduces fever. Aspirin has an incredibly long shelf-life so these 500 aspirin tablets (two aspirins per packet, 250 packets per box)...

    As low as $22.27