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Frequently Asked Questions

How To

  • How do I create an account?
    We have tried to make the account creation process as easy as possible for our customers. 
    * Click on “Create an Account”
    * Enter first and last name, email address and create a password.
  • How do I update my account profile?
    Your Account Profile holds your name, email (user name) and password. It also contains all of your delivery addresses.
    * Go to My Account in the top navigation.
    * Click on Account Profile
    * Within Account Profile, you can edit your user profile, including your name, email address or password. 
    * You can also edit your delivery addresses within Account Profile.
  • How do I add an address to My Account Profile?
    You can hold multiple shipping addresses within your account profile.  Please note, we verify all addresses during this process to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy for shipping.  
    * Click on My Account, and select Account Profile from the options provided. 
    * Click on Delivery Address Book.  
    * Enter your address information. Click “Verify Address.”
    * Once your address is verified, click on Save, and your address will be added to your account profile. 
  • How do I edit or update an address to My Account Profile?
    To Edit or Delete an address in your address book:
    * Click on My Account from the top navigation and select Account Profile.  
    * Click on Delivery Address Book. 
    * Once in your Delivery Address Book, simply Edit or Delete the address of your choice.