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Payment / Security

Frequently Asked Questions

How To

  • How to add a credit card:
    All of your Payment Methods are stored securely within the My Account section of the website.
    To add, a credit card: 
    * Click on My Account from the Top Navigation
    * Click on Payment Methods from the options listed.
    * Click on Add New Payment Method.
    * Enter your credit card information, and billing address, and save your card.
  • How to edit an existing credit card:
    To edit an existing card:
    * Click on My Account
    * Select Payment Methods from the options listed.
    * Click on the “Edit” button, next to the card you wish to update.
    * Update the information, and save.
  • How to delete a credit card:
    To delete a card:
    * Click on My Account, and select Payment Methods from the options listed
    * Click on the Delete button on the credit card you wish to delete.