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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find what I need on
    You can access our products in two ways. You can either:  
    * Browse the website, using our product categories, and narrow your options, until you find what you need.
    * Use the search box to find exactly what you need.
  • What if the search box does not return the result I need?
    If you use our search box, and it doesn't give you the results you expect, please let us know. Email us at and we will do our best to imrove the search on our website. 

How To

  • How to search for a product: 
    Type the name of the product in the search box.
    You can search by product name, brand, or manufacturer number. Either use your enter key, or click "Go" with your mouse, and our search engine will return as many products that match your search as possible. 
    You can use the controls on the left of the screen, to "Refine" your search results. 
  • How to browse using categories on
    Using the "Shop Our Products", in our top navigation:
    * Choose the product category in which you think your item would be placed
    * You will see a number of subcategories appear
    * Select the subcategory
    * You will be able to refine the products by using the controls on the left.