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Falls In The Bathroom

Falls in the bathroom can be caused by slipping or the lack of needed home modifications such as bathroom grab bars, shower chairs and commodes. Such modifications can help maintain independence and decrease the risk of falls. Bathroom aid products including transfer benches, raised toilet seats, non-slip mats and safety bars can be installed in existing bathrooms without major remodels.

The following bathroom aids can help increase safety in the bathroom:

Safety Grab Bars and Mats:

Items such as grab bars can help aid an individual for getting into and out of the shower or tub, as well as help maintain balance.  Suction Cup grab bars that simply attach via suction on the wall/tub can be easily removed or moved if needed. If you prefer a more permanent solution, grab bars can also be installed by screwing into place or clipping onto the side of the tub. Show mats also help prevent fall on a slippery shower or tub floor.

Shower Chairs and Benches:

If unable to stand in the shower for any period of time, a shower chair or bench is a great solution. Shower chairs come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs and are typically transportable. Shower benches or transfer benches help aid while getting in and out of the shower or tub. Benches come in a variety of sizes, applications and styles. Some benches are fixed, portable, and adjustable and have backs and arms for further support. Simply Medical carries top brand shower chairs and benches such as Drive Medical shower chairs, Invacare shower chairs and Carex shower chairs.

Raised Toilet Seats:

Raised toilet seats help aid in sitting or getting up from the toilet. There are several variations of raised toilet seats such as ones with arms, padded, elongated or round, lock into place or permanent. Some raised toilet such as Drive Medical raised toilet seats and Carex raised toilet seats go over or under the existing toilet seat and are easy to install.

Commodes and Urinals:

When getting to the bathroom becomes a difficult task, a commode is a great alternative. Commodes vary based on need such as with arms, folding, heavy duty, and tall. Drive Medical offers a great selection of commodes. Commode pails, buckets or pans are also available. There are also both male and female urinals. These are helpful when chair or bed restricted.

Washing Aids:

Washing aids such as hand held shower heads, long handled sponges and basins are also helpful bathroom aids. Hand held shower heads and help bathe an individual that cannot stand up to regular shower head. Long handled sponges and scrubbers aid in bathing as well as basins for sponges baths, soaking or shampooing.

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