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Bedroom Safety

When getting in and out of bed becomes unsafe, bedroom aids can help improve comfort and safety. Bedroom aids include items such as alarms and sensors, bed rails, fall mats, and other bedroom aid-related products. Additionally, obtaining a good night’s rest is essential. Mattresses, mattress overlays and pads and pillows can help you or a loved one achieve a comfortable night sleep. Mattress protection products such as mattress covers and underpads provide piece of mind. Additionally, aids such as over the bed tables keep things within reach and bedpans and emesis basins help when leaving the bed is not possible.

Choosing Bedroom Aids:

Alarms and Sensors

Alarms and sensors, further enhance safety. Alarms and sensors, such as DRIVE alarms and Skil-Care sensors alert those who are caregivers that an individual is in need. There are several alarms and sensors to consider for which is best fit, including: belt sensors, under the bed alarms, on the bed sensors, chair sensors, wireless alarms, floor sensors and pull cord alarms.

Bed Rails and Restraints

Bed rails and restraints act as protection from falling out of bed. Bed rails also act as an assist to get in and out of bed. Padded bedrails add further protection from bumps and falls. There are also half rails and full length bedrails to suit different needs.

Bedding and Bed Warmers

When washing bedding becomes too frequent, disposable bedding can be an option. Disposable pillows and sheets are quick and convenient. Bed warmers also help those with poor circulation.

Mattresses and Mattress Overlays

Mattress overlays and pads such as foam, air-filled, memory foam and convoluted pads add the extra comfort you desire while you sleep. Pads can also distribute body weight more evenly as well as alleviate pressure and friction for certain areas.

Mattress Protection

Some bedding products are designed to protect the mattress itself. A waterproof mattress cover that fully envelops the mattress and zips closed is a great barrier against dust mites and other allergens as well as fluids; a mattress cover is your first line of protection when managing incontinence to prevent the mattress from becoming soiled. Sizes are available to fit virtually every bed, from twin to hospital to bariatric. Waterproof sheets can be used on top of the mattress cover to double the protection.

Bedpans and Emesis Basins

When restricted to bed, bedpans and emesis basins aid in daily living. Bedpans are used for the toileting and come in fracture and pontoon styles. Emesis basins can serve a variety of purposes such as shampooing, bathing, or waste.

Over the Bed Tables- One of the most popular bedroom specialty items is an overbed table, just like the ones used in a hospital setting, but designed to better fit in with home décor. More than just keeping essentials within reach, some overbed tables such as Drive Medical over the bed tables tilt to provide the right angle for reading a book or newspaper.

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