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Braces and Supports

Braces and support aids, also called orthopedics, help alleviate pain or prevent injuries. There are a number of different types of orthopedic supplies for different pain areas such as ankle braces, knee braces, wrist braces, back braces and elbow braces. Orthopedics also come in different materials and sizes for the best solution.

Foot and Ankle Supports

Foot and ankle supports typically offer compression, flexibility and support. Levels of compression and support can be adjusted with lace up ankle braces, such as DJO Lace up Brace. Flexibility and movement is also something to consider in an ankle brace. DJO Surround ankle braces limit movement while the as DJO double strap ankle brace is elastic and provides support without restriction. Orthopedic insoles,heel cups, toe cushions and arch supports help improve comfort for the foot. Boots and splints, such as the Dorsiwedge Night Splint, help alleviate pain from plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. There are also specialized boots like Maxtrax Air Walker for after surgical procedures and the Waffle® Foothold™ Ankle / Foot Orthosis to help alleviate pain for pressure ulcers.

Arm, Elbow and Heel Supports

Arm supports, include arm slings or immobilizers to prevent movement. The most common elbow pain comes from tennis elbow. Elbow straps or bands , with adjustable closures, like the IMAK Elbow Band and the GelBand Tennis Elbow Arm Band , offer a solution for tennis elbow. In addition to elbow straps and bands, there are also elbow sleeves to help with elbow pain. The Futuro elbow sleeve, and ProLite® Elbow Support Knitted Pullover, offer flexibility and compressive support. For overnight relief, the IMAK Elbow PM Support, is a comfortable solution for elbow pain. Some sleeves support both the heel and elbow. There are several heel pads, cushions and pads that alleviate heel pressure.

Knee Supports

Knee braces, straps and sleeves reinforce support for the patella and add extra support. Standard pullover knees are neoprene and light weight and offer moderate support. For more support, sport knee supports, such as the Futuro Sport Knee Braces, are recommended and are adjustable. Knee straps, are also adjustable and help stabilize the kneecap to improve alignment.

Neck and Clavicle Supports

Neck and clavicle supports, are often referred to as neck collars and are ideal for supporting the cervical spine in neutral position. Neck collars are frequently soft and contoured for added comfort. There are also specialized collars, like the DJO Form Fit Cervical Collar, which is ideal for post-operative rehabilitation or cervical sprains and strains.

Torso Supports

Back braces, wraps and abdominal belts, or binders help offer support for the torso. Torso supports help alleviate lower back and abdominal pain. Sport-Aid supports, offer abdominal and lower back support. Lumbar sacral, supports help provide support and compression to the lower lumbar region and abdominal area.



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