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Exam Gloves are disposable gloves typically used to prevent the spread of germs as well as help provide protection against containment such as body waste. Exam gloves come in a variety of sizes, types and materials. Be sure to consider these factors when selecting a glove depending on your needs. In addition to exam gloves, cotton gloves, finger cots and glove accessories are also available.  


Glove Material

Depending on skin sensitivity, allergies, preference and task at hand will help determine what material of exam glove is needed. The most common glove materials are latex, nitrile and vinyl. Latex exam gloves are common and have greater dexterity than the other materials and are considered more of a heavy-duty glove that offers more protection. The Confiderm® Latex Exam Glove has textured fingertips to help ensure slip resistance in wet or dry conditions and provide excellent tactile sensitivity. Individuals can have an allergy to latex so be aware of your allergies prior to selecting a latex glove. Nitrile exam gloves are made from a synthetic polymer that has rubber-like characteristics, but does not contain latex and are ideal for those who are allergic to latex. Nitrile gloves also have great dexterity and offer a high level of protection, such as the NITRILE 911™ EC Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Glove . In addition to nitrile exam gloves, vinyl gloves are also not made with natural rubber latex. Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are also not made with natural rubber latex. They offer general protection and are generally thinner than nitrile or latex gloves. Lastly, cotton gloves are available to help protect hands. Cotton gloves can help absorb lotions, hand creams and ointments.  

Gloves also can have other characteristics such as added substances. Gloves come in powder or powder-free varieties. Powdered gloves are generally easier to put on. Gloves can have substances such as aloe added to them for better hand care. It’s important to note that gloves will vary in textures and thickness depending on the manufacturer. Please be sure to read product descriptions and if using for medical uses, check to see if the glove meets FDA requirements.  


Glove Sizes & Colors

Gloves come in different sizes ranging from extra small (xs) to extra-large (xl). You typically want gloves tight and comfortable so they do not fall off or slip during a procedure. An accurate fit will also allow for better dexterity. In general, choose size extra small for a hand that’s 6” to 7” in circumference, small for 7” to 8”, medium for 8” to 9”, large for 9” to 10” and extra large for 10” to 11”. Measure the circumference of your hand at the widest part to get a glove measurement. Also, be sure to check each glove’s description and sizes as manufacturers may vary with sizing circumferences. If a heavy duty glove is needed, a glove with a longer cuff may be desired. Some gloves have longer cuffs. Gloves also come in different colors for different tastes. The common colors for gloves are ivory, blue and purple


Glove Accessories

To make storing glove boxes easier, glove box holders are available. Glove box holders come in single (1 box), double (2 boxes) and triple (3 boxes). The Medi-Pack Glove Box holders are clear, so you can see the different glove boxes. Finger cots are also available. Finger cots are not for medical use and can be used to help protect a single finger.  


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