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Hot/Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy, is an effective, economic and simple way to help relieve pain. Each product has its own purpose and is good to have in the house at any given time. A cold pack, or ice pack, is typically used immediately following an injury to stop swelling. A heat pack, or heating pad, is typically used to soothe pain such as sore muscles or achy joints. Hot and cold therapy products come in cold packs, heat packs, or both hot/cold packs.  

Cold Therapy:

Cold therapy can be delivered using several methods including instant cold packs, reusable cold packs, and ice bags. Disposable, instant ice packs or cold or cold compresses, such as Medi-Pak™ Instant Cold Pack are quick, convenient and are single use. Instant cold packs also do not require refrigeration which makes them ideal for easy storage. Reusable cold packs, like ColPac Reusable Cold Packs, are ideal for repeated use and are typically stored in a freezer or refrigerator. Much like instant ice packs, ice bags are also easily stored. Ice bags have an opening where ice can be filled and closed for application. Some ice bags have a strap to be worn on different areas of the body. There are also specialized cold packs designed for specific areas of the body such as neck cold packs, Cryo packs for the knee, and IMAK eye masks

Hot Therapy:

Heat packs and heating pads are the most common forms of hot therapy for pain relief or discomfort. Instant heat packs, such as the Medi-Pak™ Instant Hot Compresses, are convenient because they are single use and do not require a heating source such as a microwave, hot water, or electricity. Electric heating pads are easy to use and typically have a handle control that features heat settings as well as a removable, washable cover. Moist heating pads provide a soothing sensation of a hot shower or bath by creating moist heat automatically. These are heated by a hydrocollator or microwave, depending on specific product requirements. There are also specialized heating pads designed for specific areas of the body such asThermaCare Wrap, Menstrual Cramp Relief or neck pads

Hot & Cold Therapy:

Some packs can be used for both cold and hot therapy. Some packs, like the Medi-Pak™ Performance Reusable Cold & Hot Compress , consist of a gel inside which allows the pack to be used either as a hot pack, through heating by microwave or boiling water, or cold pack by keeping in the freezer or refrigerator. These also stay flexible and mold to the body at all times, cold or hot. Some packs such as Rubber water bottles require to be filled with ice, cold or hot water.  

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