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Perineal Care and Odor Eliminators

Perineal Care

Perineal care is important part incontinence care. There are many perineal care products to choose from such as perineal cleansers, perineal moisturizers, perineal care kits, and perineal wipes. All serve different purposes in perienal care.  

Perineal Cleansers:

Perineal cleansers remove urine and feces to help ensure effective skin cleansing and help reduce the risk of skin irritation and breakdown. There are several different types of perineal cleansers including perineal sprays, no-rinse cleansers and soaps. No-rinse cleansers and sprays are convenient and ideal for those who are limited with mobility. Some no rinse perineal sprays, such as Peri-Wash, also act as a deodorizer and help with odor control.  

Perineal Moisturizers:

Perineal moisturizers and barrier creams are forms of prevention of diaper rash from incontinence. These act as a buffer in protecting the skin against moisture and the damaging enzymes present in feces. Some perineal creams, such as PeriGuard contain zinc oxide and are Anti-Microbial to help soothe red, irritated skin while other perineal moisturizers, such as Baza, are petrolatum-based to aid as a buffer for skin.  

Perineal Care Kits:

Perineal care kits typically include cleansers and moisturizers. They are intended for cleansing and protecting perineal skin that is continually exposed to urine, feces and moisture or incontinence associated dermatitis. Perineal care kits, such as Secura, include moisturizing cleanser, moisturizing cream and protective ointment. Perineal care kits offer a convenient solution to perineal care for incontinence.  

Perineal Wipes:

Adult Wipes or perineal wipes are the most convenient and come it different offerings. Most perineal wipes are disposable. These are pre-moistened and come in both scented and non scented. Adult wipes offer a quick and easy was to stay clean. There are also disposable washcloths. These offer the convenience of being disposable while allowing an individual to wipe with a dry perineal washcloth or add their own soap or cleanser to it.  

Odor Eliminators

In addition to perineal cleaning, odor is another factor to consider in incontinence care. Odor caused by urine or feces can be embarrassing. Perineal cleansers are a good first step to eliminate odors however sometimes air fresheners and deodorizers are necessary. Be sure to look for products that destroy odors rather than masking them. Some deodorizers to consider are:  

  • Hex-On- leaves a fresh lien scent for hours
  • ByBye Odor Room Deodorizer- eliminates airborne bacteria
  • Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator- eliminates odors associated with urine, feces, emesis and necrotic tissue

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