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Nutritional Supplements

Medical conditions or changes in appetite could be putting you at risk for malnutrition. Nutritional supplements can provide missing protein, vitamins and minerals. These include oral supplements and modular components such as nutritional drinks, food thickeners and protein enhanced substances.

Oral supplements are multi-nutrient liquid, solid, or powder products that provide both macronutrients and micronutrients that help increase oral nutritional intake. Oral supplements can help improve dietary intake and weight, as well as increase your health and help prevent infections or improve chronic health conditions.

Powder Nutritional Supplements

Some nutritional supplements can be in powder, which needs to be added to a drink or food. Aside from over all nutrition, some powders can specific in nature such as protein powders. Weight gainers, also come in powder form and are easily added to food or drink to added needed calories.

Liquid Nutritional Supplements

There are several different types of liquid nutritional supplements. The most common is ready to drink nutritional drinks or shakes such as Ensure. These are typically full of essential vitamin and minerals as well as protein. They also come in many flavors including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, berry, orange, and peach. Ready to drink, concentrated nutritional drinks are ideal for those with little to no appetite in order to achieve optimal nutritional intake.

Food Thickeners

Oral supplements can be thickeners such as Thick-It, for those who have difficulty swallowing. Food thickeners come in a variety of forms as well such as liquid, powder and puree. Food thickeners are a convenient, versatile and dietary friendly solution. There many different flavors for thickener drinks like orange, cranberry, apple, and coffee. Additionally, there are different purees, to choose from such as pea, broccoli, spinach, and chicken.


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