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Home Fitness Equipment

Exercise is crucial for staying fit. For the elderly, this can be cumbersome and difficult if mobility and flexibility are concerns. There are simple exercises and easy to use equipment that can help keep people at all activity levels fit. With so many types of exercise equipment for seniors, staying fit has never been easier.

Lower Body:

There are several different types of exercise equipment that target the lower body. The most common leg exercise equipment is a pedal exerciser. Exercise peddlers are low impact and easy to use. This can be a great way to tone and increase mobility in the legs. Peddlers can even put used on a table to help exercise arms. Pedal exercisers like the Merits Health Pedal Exerciser, can change resistance by turning the hand wheel on top of the exerciser.  

Upper Body & Hand:

For hand exercises , there are palm cones, hand exercise balls and Therapy Putty. Palm cones and cushions are ideal for involuntary hand closure and is a mild form of hand exercise. These are generally soft and contain a strap to go on the hand. Hand exercise balls and Therapy Putty are more intense hand exercisers than cones or cushions. Cando® balls are hand exercisers for grip strength, dexterity, mobility, and fine and gross motor skills. These exercise balls can also be heated up or chilled for use in hot or cold therapy. Cando® exercise balls also come in different strength levels, indicated by color. Cando® TheraPutty™ is also used for hand exercises. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening a weak grasp, to extra-firm for developing a stronger grip.

Pulley systems can be used for strengthening the upper body. Drive Medical’s over the door pulley easily fits over standard doors and come complete with door bracket, pulleys, cord and handles. This pulley can be used sitting or standing, making it ideal for virtually everyone.

Overall Body:

Weights and resistance bands can also help tone, while improving strength and mobility in arms and legs. Weights such as cuff weights have flexible weight contours to snugly fit the ankle, wrist and even thighs. They also have a long closure strap for a comfortable, secure fit and are made up of heavy-duty materials and double-stitching. Exercise bars are also weighted and can be used for numerous exercises. Exercise bars vary in weight and size as well as material. Resistance bands are another great way for stretching and strengthening. Like weights, resistance bands also vary in power levels and resistance. Resistance bands can be used for a number of exercises and come in 5 foot length x 5 inch width elastic bands. Lastly, exercise balls are great for core strengthening and stretching. Exercise balls vary in size and material. Exercise mats and pads are also useful for exercising on to prevent slipping as well as added cushion.


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