Non-Adherent Dressings

  • Hartmann Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressing Hartmann


    Hartmann Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile

    Indicated for wounds such as burns and early state skin ulcers and for lightly draining acute or chronic wounds.Smooth, perforated polyester film outer surface allows fluids to pass through Non-adherent film's outer surface does not disrupt healing by...

    Starting at $9.99
  • Smith & Nephew Exu-Dry Slit Tube Wound Dressing Smith & Nephew 5999PTM

    Smith & Nephew

    Smith & Nephew Exu-Dry 2 X 3'' Slit Tube Wound Dressing

    Exu-Dry slit tube dressing is a one-piece wound dressing made up of multiple layers. Indicated for exudate absorption and the management of partial to full-thickness wounds such as ulcers (venous, arterial, diabetic); pressure sores; donor sites;...

    Starting at $4.99
  • UrgoTul Wound Contact Layer Dressing Urgo Medical North America LLC 506488


    UrgoTul 4 X 5'' Contact Layer Dressing Sterile

    Nonadherent Triact Technology for virtually pain-free dressing changes An ultra-flexible mesh that makes the dressing highly conformable Gentle tack helps keep the dressing in place Can be used in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)...

    Starting at $9.49
  • Adaptic Petrolatum Impregnated Dressing Systagenix Wound Management 2014


    Adaptic Petrolatum Gauze Patch Sterile

    Primary dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate fabric and impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion Designed to help protect the wound while preventing the dressing from adhering to the wound and to minimize pain and trauma upon...

    Starting at $2.49
  • Mepore Pro Adhesive Dressing Molnlycke


    Mepore Pro Adhesive Dressing Sterile

    Mepore Pro is a self-adherent, absorbent and breathable dressing for low to moderately exuding wounds. The outer film layer protects the wound from both water and contamination so it can be worn while showering. The absorbent wound pad has a low-adherent...

    Starting at $20.99
  • Telfa Ouchless Non-Adherent Dressing Cardinal


    Telfa Ouchless 2 X 3'' Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile

    Superior “Ouchless" Telfa dressing won’t disrupt healing tissue by sticking to woundEach sterile dressing individually wrapped in peel-open envelope Ideal as primary dressing for lightly draining wounds Bonded on both sides with perforated non-adherent...

    Starting at $13.99
  • Adaptic Impregnated Non-Adherent Dressing Systagenix Wound Management


    Adaptic 5 X 9'' Impregnated Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile

    You don't have to worry about your dressing sticking to wounds when you use this Systagenix Adaptic Non-Sterile Non-Adherent Gauze, which has a non-adherent design. Exudate can easily pass through to the absorbent dressing, so the wound stays protected,...

    Starting at $23.99
  • Dynarex Non-Adherent Dressing Dynarex


    Dynarex Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile

    Effective protection of cuts and scrapes: Sterile individually packed nonadherent pads. Packed in handy dispenser boxes for convenient handling.Sterile and highly absorbent due to the inner layer They're easy to remove and will not stick to the wound

    Starting at $7.99
  • Smith & Nephew Exu-Dry Wound Dressing Smith & Nephew

    Smith & Nephew

    Smith & Nephew Exu-Dry Wound Dressing

    Designed to minimize trauma, save nursing time and lower total dressing costs Replaces non-adherent dressings, gauze and abdominal pads Because it is permeable and non-occlusive, it can be used as a wet or dry dressing on clean or contaminated wounds...

    Starting at $7.99
  • Dukal Eye Pad Dukal


    Dukal 1-5/8 X 2-5/8'' Eye Pad

    This Dukal Sterile Cotton Eye Pad is comprised of an absorbent cotton-filled pad with a soft, gentle, nonwoven cover to protect the delicate eye area. Using the easy-place tab on the back of the eye pad, you can achieve clean placement.Cotton-filled pad...

    Starting at $10.99
  • Drawtex Non-Adherent Dressing Urgo Medical North America LLC 302


    Drawtex Non-Adherent Dressing

    Drawtex is a hydroconductive, nonadherent wound dressing with LevaFiber technology, which combines two types of absorbent cross-action structures that draw exudate away from the wound surface while removing toxic components, such as slough, necrotic...

    Starting at $10.99
  • American White Cross First Aid Non-Adherent Dressing Dukal

    American White Cross

    American White Cross First Aid Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile

    With a self-adaptive design, this Dukal Rectangular Sterile Non-Adherent Telfa Pad Dressing can be placed on most wounds, even very complex wounds, and will automatically adjust its functionality to accommodate the wound's immediate healing needs at any...

    Starting at $9.99

Non-Adherent Dressings

Non-adherent dressings lack an adhesive, meaning they won't adhere to fragile skin. This guide will help you decide which non-adherent dressing is the best fit for your wound care needs.

What are Non-Adherent Dressings?

Non-adherent or ouchless, dressings are a type of wound care necessity that doesn't contain an adhesive. They go on smoothly, without sticking or leaving a residue behind.

Additionally, they lock moisture in a while guarding against bacteria and debris entering the wound. They are a good option in situations where the skin is fragile or sensitive to an adhesive.

Non-adhesive bandages come in sterile and non-sterile varieties. Make sure to check the box if your wound care instructions state to use a sterile dressing. If you are unsure whether you need a sterile bandage, ask your healthcare provider for recommendations,

What are Non-Adherent Dressings Made of?

Non-adherent dressings or non-stick pads are made of different materials, including:

  • Blended polyethylene, rayon, and cellulose
  • Cellulose acetate mesh
  • Cotton
  • Cotton over the film
  • Gauze
  • Nylon-polyester
  • Patented LevaFiber™ technology
  • Rayon-polyester
  • Viscose, polyester, and polyethylene blend
  • Different Types of Non-Adherent Dressings

    Some of these dressings have unique features or benefits. Adaptic non-stick dressings are impregnated with a petrolatum emulsion to allow wound moisture to pass through the dressing easily.

    Drawtex makes one with a special LevaFiber™ technology designed to draw excess moisture away from the wound bed and helps remove toxins such as bacteria, necrotic tissue, and slough.

    When and How to Use Non-Adherent Sterile Dressings?

    Non-adherent dressings are a good choice for wounds that have light-to-moderate weeping or when the skin is fragile. Damaged skin can break down or tear easily when removing a dressing with an adhesive. Non-adherent dressings are the safer choice for delicate skin.

    Here's how to use non-adherent sterile dressings:

  • Wash hands thoroughly and wear gloves.
  • Cleanse the wound with saline wound flush and pat dry with gauze.
  • Apply an antimicrobial wound gel or other sterile wound filler if needed.
  • Choose a wound dressing that's at least an inch larger than the wound.
  • Center the dressing over the wound, ensuring a proper fit.
  • Secure in place with skin-friendly surgical tape, elastic netting, or transparent dressing.
  • Pros and Cons of Non-Adherent Wound Dressing

    Non-adherent dressings are a good choice for wounds that have light to moderate weeping. They're also an alternative for wounds where the skin is thin since they won't pull or tug at the skin when removed. This also makes them a more comfortable solution.

  • Won't stick to skin and provides painless removal
  • Keeps wound bed moist and promotes healing
  • Guards against debris and bacteria
  • Absorbent to catch light to moderate weeping

  • Cons
  • Requires secondary dressing to secure in place
  • Not ideal for moderate to heavily weeping wounds
  • Not ideal for dry eschar, non-weeping wounds
  • Sizes for Non-Adherent Dressings

    Non-adherent dressings are available in a variety of sizes to meet your different wound care needs. Dressing sizes range from a small eye pad, to a medium size bandage for hand, arm or shoulder wounds, to a large pad for leg, stomach, or back wounds. Non-stick wound care dressings are useful to have on hand in a medical emergency or to keep in your first aid kit.

    Be sure to consult your doctor if you have any questions on which type of dressing is right for you.