Retainer Dressings

Retainer Wound Dressings
  • McKesson Bias Cut Stockinette McKesson Brand 16-4B-450


    McKesson Cotton Bias Cut Stockinette

    Bias cut is a method of manufacturing stockinettes that involves cutting the fabric at a 45° angle. This gives the fabric more stretch. Retainer dressings, such as this McKesson stockinette, work particularly well in securing nonadhesive burn and...

  • McKesson Elastic Net Retainer Dressing McKesson Brand MSVP114711


    McKesson Elastic Elastic Net Retainer Dressing

    McKesson tubular elastic dressing retainers are made from an elastic net material. They securely hold various types of dressings with no adhesive needed.Stretches to 47 inches for chests, backs, perinea and axillae Exceptional feel, elasticity, and...

  • Surgilast Elastic Net Retainer Dressing Derma Sciences


    Surgilast Tubular Elastic Retainer Dressing, Non-Sterile Stretch Net

    A tubular elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing, applying gentle pressure to keep bandages or other medical devices securely in place without adhesive tape. Comparable to Medline's elastic net retention dressings.Ideal for...

    Starting at $15.74
  • 3M Medipore Dressing Retention Tape 3M


    3M Medipore Dress-It Pre-Cut Dressing Retention Tape Covers

    3M™ Medipore™ Dress-It Pre-cut Dressing Covers are a breathable soft cloth tape for a broad range of applications.Comfortable, porous and breathable and stretch to accommodate swelling and movement Easy to handle, with or without gloves, without curling...

    Starting at $26.58
  • Tubifast Tubular Bandage Molnlycke


    Tubifast 2 Way Stretch Tubular Retainer Dressing, Non-Sterile Wrap

    Tubifast is a lightweight elasticated tubular bandage with radial and longitudinal stretch. It's ideal for dressing fixation and as a skin covering for any part of the body. The bandage can also be used for patch wrapping and as an under-cast stockinette...

    Starting at $21.61
  • McKesson Tubular Bandage McKesson Brand


    McKesson Tubular Elastic Retainer Net Dressing, Non-Sterile Stockinette

    Elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing.Exceptional feel, elasticity, and memory Easy to customize, conforms to body contours, and sized to fit shape of intended area Ideal for hard-to-bandage areas such as knees, elbows, shoulders,...

    Starting at $15.99