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Retainer Dressings

  • 3M Medipore Cloth Retention Bandage

    3M™ Medipore™ Dress-It Pre-cut Dressing Covers are a breathable soft cloth tape for a broad range of applications.Comfortable, porous and breathable and stretch to accommodate swelling and movementEasy to handle, with or without gloves, without curling...

  • Tubifast Tubular Bandage Molnlycke

    Tubifast Elasticated Viscose Tubular Bandage

    Package Count: 1Tubifast is a lightweight elasticated tubular bandage with radial and longitudinal stretch. It's ideal for dressing fixation and as a skin covering for any part of the body. The bandage can also be used for patch wrapping and as an...

  • Surgilast Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer Derma Sciences

    Surgilast Elastic Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer

    A tubular elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing, applying gentle pressure to keep bandages or other medical devices securely in place without adhesive tape.Ideal for securing burn or post-op dressings, hot or cold packs, IV tubes,...

    Starting at $8.99
  • McKesson Tubular Bandage McKesson Brand

    McKesson Elastic Net Tubular Bandage

    Elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing.Exceptional feel, elasticity, and memoryEasy to customize, conforms to body contours, and sized to fit shape of intended areaIdeal for hard-to-bandage areas such as knees, elbows, shoulders,...

    Starting at $8.49