Incontinence underwear fits like regular underwear, but is made for patients with urinary incontinence. Products like these offer reliable protection if you suffer from bladder control issues. They vary in size and shape to fit all body types and are available for daytime and nighttime wear. Patients also come in gender-specific styles or as unisex products.

Design of Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence underwear is a one-piece garment similar to traditional underwear. They are sometimes referred to as adult “pull-ups” since they are pulled up the legs like normal underwear. Like many incontinence products, they come in various degrees of absorbency and are most suitable for medium to heavy incontinence.

Benefits of Incontinence Underwear

Some of the key benefits of incontinence underwear include:

  • Discreet Appearance - Some incontinence products can be bulky and difficult to wear under clothing. Adult pull-ups look and feel like normal underwear.
  • Easy to Change - Whether at home or on the road, pull-ups are easy to change. Some come with tear-away seams for easier removal. That flexibility makes them a practical choice whether you frequently travel, go to work each day, or are a caregiver.
  • Protection - The polymer material in the center soaks up fluid to prevent leakage and keep skin dry. Incontinence underwear is designed to be are breathable to help reduce the risk of skin irritation.
Choosing the Best Incontinence Underwear Product

Incontinence pull-ups come in different sizes and styles. When shopping for the right product, here are things to consider:

  • Absorbency — Adult pull-ups come in different absorbency levels, such as "Light" for light leakage. Typically, you would use this incontinence product if you have medium to heavy urine leakage, but light absorbency products exist. Pick the heavy absorbency underwear for overnight use, if you anticipate wearing the pull-ups for many hours, or if you have heavy incontinence.
  • Outer Material - Look for a product that has a soft, breathable outer layer that feels like fabric. Pull-ups with a plastic outer lining can rub against clothing and make a sound.
  • Size - Once you choose a brand that suits your needs, find the right size. Measure your waist and compare the size to the product specifications. Many manufacturers group sizes into small, medium, and large for easy selection.
  • Gender - Since the body shapes of men and women differ, there are gender-specific products available. There are also unisex adult underwear if you prefer or buy for more than one person.
  • Anti-Leak Cuffs - Inner leg cuffs can provide additional protection against leaks. Products without cuffs may gap at the leg opening, allowing leakage.
  • Overnight - There are adult pull-up products uniquely designed for overnight use. For those with heavy urine leakage or who struggle to reach the bathroom at night, this series may provide the best level of protection for you.
  • Latex - Some incontinence products use latex. If you are allergic or sensitive to latex or rubber, look for a label on the package stating it does not contain those materials.