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Wheelchair Accessories

  • Waffle Original Seat Cushion EHOB 2000WCXX120

    Waffle Original Air Cells Seat Cushion, Beige

    The EHOB Waffle® Original Seat Cushion comes with air venting holes that dissipate heat and moisture for comfort. Ideal for treating and preventing pressure ulcers, this cushion's low-profile design allows the user to safely get on and off the wheelchair...

    Starting at $29.49
  • drive Footrest Drive Medical STDS3J24SF

    drive Footrest

    Sit back and rest your feet comfortably in a safe position with a pair of durable Drive Swing-Away Footrests attached to your wheelchair. This mobility product features footplates made of metal and lightweight plastic that are easy to attach in minutes...

  • ROHO Mosaic Seat Cushion Crown Therapeutics MOS1818CA

    ROHO Mosaic Inflatable Air Cells Seat Cushion, Black

    Designed for users who require basic-level skin protection, the Crown Therapeutics ROHO® Mosaic® Seat Cushion provides comfort and support. The interconnected air cells of this wheelchair cushion help distribute pressure uniformly across the cushion for...

    Starting at $79.99
  • drive Wheel Lock Extension Drive Medical STDS801

    drive Wheel Lock Extension

    The 8-inch Wheelchair Transport Chair Brake Handle Extension by Drive makes reaching the handle brake easy and convenient. The Brake Handle extension is for use with most Drive and other leading manufacturers wheelchairs.For use with Cirrus IV, Cougar,...

  • Gel E Skin Protection Seat Cushion Drive Medical 14886

    Gel E Skin Protection Foam / Gel Seat Cushion, White

    The Drive™ Gel "E" Skin Protection 3 Cushion ensures even pressure redistribution that aids in the prevention, management and treatment of pressure injuries. Its polyurethane foam shell encases the viscous gel bladder and provides comfort. This gel/foam...

  • NYOrtho Wheelchair Urinary Drain Bag Holder New York Orthopedic 9549

    NYOrtho Wheelchair Urinary Drain Bag Holder

    For those with urine drainage bagsPreserves resident dignity by hanging discreetly under wheelchair, geri-chair or bedSecured in place with adjustable strapsUniversally sized, holds all drainage-bagsAvailable in wipe-clean vinyl or washable canvas

  • McKesson Seat Cushion McKesson Brand 170-73003

    McKesson Molded Foam Seat Cushion, Black

    Helps in prevention, treatment and management of pressure sores.Helps in prevention, treatment and management of pressure soresLow-shear, stretch nylon cover is breathable, comfortable with a durable, gray bottom for added skid resistanceLow-maintenance,...

    Starting at $14.99
  • Gel-U-Seat Lite Seat Cushion Drive Medical 8046-2

    Gel-U-Seat Lite Foam / Gel Seat Cushion, Black

    The Drive Gel-U-Seat Skin Protection Cushion has a unique gel bladder surrounded by a high-density foam shell for enhanced comfort. Its water-resistant and low-shear stretch cover helps minimize heat and moisture build-up. Tie straps secure the cushion...

    Starting at $33.99
  • McKesson Cup Holder McKesson Brand 146-STDS1040S

    McKesson Cup Holder

    The Universal Cup Holder is a product that can be attached to walkers, rollators, and wheelchairs. This walker accessory can be attached to tubing that has a circumference of 5/8" to 1 Inch. The cup holder is made of a lightweight plastic that is able to...

    Starting at $11.99
  • McKesson Ring Cushion McKesson Brand 170-50001

    McKesson Foam Ring Cushion, Navy

    Designed for excellent comfort and support while seatedIdeal for relief of pain and pressure associated with hemorrhoidal surgeryErgonomically designed, the molded foam's open center and conforming characteristics minimize pressure-point...

    Starting at $14.99
  • McKesson Seat Cushion McKesson Brand 170-71001

    McKesson Foam Seat Cushion, Black

    High density polyurethane foam to help in the prevention of pressure soresUltra-lightweight, 3-inch cushion, ideal for wheelchair use and convenient transportAdjustable safety straps to maintain appropriate position and add securityLow-shear, stretch...

    Starting at $14.99
  • McKesson Seat Back Cushion McKesson Brand 170-79001

    McKesson Foam Seat Back Cushion, Black

    McKesson Back Support Cushion conforms to provide support to lumbar region and improves seating posture while providing back support and comfort. It features stretch nylon cover which is low shear and breathable and adjustable safety straps for added...

    Starting at $18.99