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Bedroom Safety

  • drive Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System Drive Medical 13606

    drive Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System Blue

    Package Count: 1The drive™ pressure-sensitive chair and bed patient alarm is placed underneath a user who is at risk of falling or wandering. The tamper-proof alarm comes in two sizes to fit a chair/wheelchair or along a portion of a bed with the choice...

  • drive Home Bed Assist Handle Drive Medical RTL15063-ADJ

    drive Home Bed Assist Handle Chrome Plated Steel, 19-3/4 Inch

    Package Count: 1drive Medical™ Home Bed Assist Handle provides assistance for get into and out of your home-style bed. You won't have to worry about the fit since the handle attaches to either side of the bed. It simply slides underneath the mattress and...

  • Dycem Non-Slip Matting Fabrication Enterprises 50-1501B

    Dycem Non-Slip Matting Blue

    Package Count: 1The non-slip material offers a wide variety of uses in nearly every room of the house. It grips on both sides without adhesive and is flexible enough to fit around objects. This material is ideal to improve grip, provide support,...

  • Econo Chair Alarm System Skil-Care 909208

    Econo Chair Alarm System Blue

    The Econo-Alarm by Skil-Care alerts caregivers when an individual has moved from their chair. Because the alarm is secured with an adjustable Velcro strap it can be used on multiple seats, such as wheelchairs, geri-chairs and recliners. The cord that...

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