Bedroom Safety

Bedroom Safety Equipment
  • McKesson Alarm Sensor Pad McKesson Brand 162-1127


    McKesson Bed Alarm Sensor Pad, Fall Prevention Monitor

    McKesson fall prevention monitors help monitor your loved one's movements by providing audible and visual alerts. Simply plug the sensor pad, mat or seatbelt into the fall alarm and place under at-risk individuals. When they rise to get up, removing...

    Starting at $31.87
  • Traceable Digital Stopwatch PANTek Technologies LLC 1464911


    Traceable Digital Stopwatch Black

    The Traceable® Digital Stopwatch is a shock resistant and water resistant time keeper with a 24 hour digital display. It's durable design makes it ideal for use in a work environment. This stopwatch shows the time of day, AM/PM, date and day of the week...

  • McKesson Fall Prevention Monitor McKesson Brand 162-1131


    McKesson Fall Prevention Monitor

    A magnet-positioned cord that attaches via a garment clip to an invalid's clothing: McKesson fall prevention monitors help keep you aware of the movements, of those you are taking care of, by providing audible and visual alerts.1-year warranty A...

  • McKesson Fall Prevention Monitor McKesson Brand 162-1130


    McKesson Fall Prevention Monitor - Corded, Universal

    1-year warranty Safety Auto-Reset function automatically silences and resets the alarm No Unsafe Off switch – prevents resident tampering Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance Patented Pad Lost notification – alerts...

  • UMP Economy Alarm System Stanley Security Solutions 91230

    UMP Economy

    UMP Economy Alarm System White

    Alarm sounds when frail or disabled person, who is at risk of falling, attempts to get up without assistance.Attaches to a bed or chair The exclusive Safety Klip is attached to the resident No on/off switch Single person monitoring device that alarms...

  • Dispos-A-Cuff Wrist / Ankle Restraint Skil-Care 306040


    Dispos-A-Cuff Ankle or Wrist Restraint - Soft, Secure, Easy Fastening

    Skil-Care 306040 Economy Limb Holders are medical restraints that may be used as either an ankle or wrist restraint, depending upon the need. These medical cuffs are economy priced to stay in your budget. Economy limb holders are manufactured with Velcro...

    Starting at $12.88
  • drive Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System Drive Medical 13606


    drive Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System Blue

    Drive pressure-sensitive chair and bed patient alarm is placed underneath a user who is at risk of falling or wandering. The tamper-proof alarm comes in two sizes to fit a chair/wheelchair or along a portion of a bed with the choice of a reset button...

  • drive Fall Prevention Mat Drive Medical 14700


    drive Fall Prevention Mat Tri-fold Blue, 30 X 72 X 2 Inch

    Drive's Tri-Fold bedside fall protection mat can potentially be a lifesaver for those who are prone to falling from their bed. It's placed on one or both sides of the bed for the elderly or anyone who has a fall risk. This outstanding fall mat design is...

  • Dycem Non-Slip Matting Fabrication Enterprises 50-1501B

    Fabrication Enterprises

    Dycem Non-Slip Matting - Grip Support, Reusable Polymeric

    The non-slip material offers a wide variety of uses in nearly every room of the house. It grips on both sides without adhesive and is flexible enough to fit around objects. This material is ideal to improve grip, provide support, stability, and...

    Starting at $50.99
Bedroom Safety

The National Council of Aging states that one in four seniors who live at home experience a fall, which can be especially dangerous when out of the home's central area. In addition, falls are the leading cause of injuries among seniors, resulting in 2.8 million emergency room hospital visits annually.

Bedroom Hazards

It is easy to overlook the bedroom when ensuring that the home is a safe space, but there are several safety hazards to keep in mind.

Poor Lighting

Difficulty seeing a walkway path can lead to a higher risk of falls. Consider keeping a flashlight and lamp on the nightstand and night lights near the bedroom area.

Try to avoid rearranging the bedroom furniture so that even if the room is not well lit, you're less likely to stumble over unexpected obstacles.

Electrical Cords

Tripping over electrical cords is a risk. Keep plugs and cables out of the walkway, the closer to the wall or corners, the better. Consider arranging electronics strategically in the room, based on the safest location for cords.

Unsafe Furniture

It is essential to choose furniture that can bear weight, especially nightstands or shelves near doorways. If you were to slip and reach out to steady your balance, would the furniture fall with you or help to steady you?

Sliding Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can get caught on feet or create a slippery walkway, leading to a higher risk of falls. Secure throw rugs with non-slip backing or remove them entirely from walkways.

Bedroom Safety Checklist

When creating a safe environment for the senior in your life, write out a checklist of necessary bedroom safety equipment.

Bedside Fall Prevention Matts

A bedside fall prevention matt can be life-saving for seniors who are prone to falling out of bed. A matt can be placed on either side of the bed and absorb the impact of a fall.


Whether the senior has a cell phone or not, make sure it or a house phone is always positioned near the bed to contact that help in an emergency.

Sensor Alarm System

There are sensors designed to alert caregivers of user movement in the bedroom. There are different sensor systems for different needs. For example, a safety alarm that can be placed underneath someone in bed or a chair, lightweight and not uncomfortable, sensor pad alarm systems alert caregivers when the user gets out of bed.

Some sensor alarm systems are made to be tamper-proof, and some are better suited for chairs rather than beds.


Keep a flashlight on the bedside table in case of a power outage and check it often to ensure the batteries work.