Tongue Depressors & Lights

Tongue Depressors and Lights
  • McKesson Penlight McKesson Brand 22-6303


    McKesson Disposable Penlight 3 per Pack

    Package Count: 3. These McKesson penlights give off bright white light in a high-intensity beam for efficient illumination of trouble areas such as ears, nose and throat. These medical penlights measure 4½ inches long. A clip allows you to attach one to...

  • McKesson Penlight McKesson Brand 22-6802


    McKesson Reusable Penlight

    Diagnostic penlights are bright, portable and convenient.Cobalt blue exam penlight for use with fluorescein dye. Not made with natural rubber latex. Packaged: Each

  • Prestige Medical Penlight Prestige Medical 214-BLK

    Prestige Medical

    Prestige Medical Reusable Penlight

    The Soft LED Pupil Gauge Penlight is used to compare the size of the patient's pupils to a quantitated size of a black circle. This penlight is push button activated and features metal construction, soft LED illumination and includes 1-AAA battery...

  • Adlite Penlight American Diagnostic Corp 351P


    Adlite Disposable Penlight 6 per Pack

    Package Count: 6. These Adlite pen lights give off bright white light in a high-intensity beam for efficient illumination of trouble areas such as ears, nose and throat. These medical penlights are 5 inches long. A clip allows you to attach one to your...

  • Metalite Penlight American Diagnostic Corp 352


    Metalite Reusable Penlight

    Conduct a visual assessment of small body parts such as eyes, ears, mouth, and nose using the ADC Metalite 352 reusable pen light. This pen light comes in a lightweight and compact 5-3/4-inch layout that simplifies handling. Its convenient pocket clip...

  • McKesson Tongue Depressor McKesson Brand 24-202-S


    McKesson Tongue Depressor for Adults, Non-Sterile Unflavored Wood

    Stock up on your essential supplies with the McKesson Senior Tongue Depressors, Wood, 6 inches by 17.5 millimeters. They're made of natural wood for reliable performance. The McKesson tongue depressors have a smooth surface and rounded edges for improved...

    As low as $8.18
  • Dukal Tongue Depressor Dukal 9002


    Dukal Tongue Depressors, Wood - Non-Sterile, Senior Size, 6 in L

    The Dukal™ Tongue Depressor is exceptional for oral use, spreading ointments, mixing medications, or splints. There are 500 tounge depressors per box.Clean and smooth hard wood blades No odor or taste 6 inches in lengh and 0.68 inches in width NonSterile

    As low as $14.99
Tongue Depressors and Lights

Simply Medical offers a variety of diagnostic and medical supplies, including tongue depressors and penlights. These healthcare products are perfect for doctor’s offices, medical facilities, hospitals, retirement communities, and more.

What Are Tongue Depressors?
Tongue depressors are tools commonly used in medical practices to depress the tongue and allow for examinations of the mouth and throat. Most commonly made of wood, there are versions available in adult and junior sizes. They allow you to get inside of the mouth and secure the tongue to view the tonsils and throat area. They're beneficial to doctors and dentists in private practices and hospitals.

Tongue depressors can also be used to spread ointments, mix medications, or make splints. They are single-use items and come either individually wrapped or loose with no wrapping.

What Are Medical Penlights?
Diagnostic medical penlights are small lights that give off a high-intensity beam for efficient illumination. Medical professionals use penlights as an assessment tool for small body parts, like the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They are most often used for pupil tests. Medical penlights are bright, small, and convenient! Some medical penlights come with side clips that allow you to attach the light to your pocket for portability. Some penlights are disposable for convenience, while others are reusable. They're powered by batteries, which are usually included in the listing.

Shop for tongue depressors or medical penlights at Simply Medical! Our diagnostic and medical supplies offerings are perfect for small offices, hospitals, emergency centers, and more. Shop online and have your order delivered quickly and efficiently.