Tongue Depressors & Lights

  • McKesson Tongue Depressor McKesson Brand


    McKesson 6 Inch Senior Tongue Depressor NonSterile

    McKesson Wooden Tongue Depressors are tools commonly used in medical practices to depress the tongue and allow for examinations of the mouth and throat.6 inch (15 cm) Nonsterile Single Use

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  • McKesson Tongue Depressor McKesson Brand 24-202-S


    McKesson 6 Inch Length Senior Tongue Depressor Sterile 1000 per Case

    Package Count: 1000. Stock up on your essential supplies with the McKesson Senior Tongue Depressors, Wood, 6 inches by 17.5 millimeters. They're made of natural wood for reliable performance. The McKesson tongue depressors have a smooth surface and...

  • McKesson Penlight McKesson Brand 22-6666


    McKesson Disposable Penlight 6 per Pack

    Package Count: 6. These McKesson penlights give off bright white light in a high-intensity beam for efficient illumination of trouble areas such as ears, nose and throat. These medical penlights measure 4½ inches long. A clip allows you to attach one to...