Brushes, Combs & Caps

Brushes Combs and caps
  • Halyard Bouffant Cap O&M Halyard Inc 69801


    Halyard Blue Bouffant Cap, Large

    Package Count: 500. Halyard® Spunbond Bouffant Caps are made with lightweight spunbond fabric and are designed to cover hair in no fluid contamination environments.Large - 24 Inches Blue 1-layer spunbond material with elastic Disposable No potential...

  • McKesson Mini Hair Pick McKesson Brand 16-C567


    McKesson Black Mini Hair Pick, 5.3 Inch

    Package Count: 144. Use the McKesson Mini Pick for your hair care needs. Made of polypropylene this pick is ideal for lifting strands off the scalp adding more volume to hair. These mini black hair picks come one each and in a box of 144.Proper use of...

  • Dawn Mist Comb Donovan Industries 2950

    Dawn Mist

    Dawn Mist Black Comb, 8-1/2 Inch

    Package Count: 12. Use the DawnMist® Adult Comb with Handle to groom and detangle hair. These plastic combs can be firmly held in your hand and have rounded teeth for comfort. Receive 12 combs per bag.Features rounded tines to reduce irritation caused...

  • DawnMist Shower Cap Donovan Industries SC01

    Dawn Mist

    DawnMist Clear Shower Cap, One Size Fits Most

    Package Count: 200. The DawnMist® Shower Cap keeps hair and the scalp dry while taking a shower. These individually wrapped caps fit most head sizes. With a stretchable opening the cap secures to the head and can be easily adjusted. One box includes 200...

  • McKesson Nail Brush McKesson Brand 946


    McKesson Purple Nail Brush

    Package Count: 50. The McKesson Nail Brush is designed to help keep fingernails and toenails clean and neat. The stiff bristles help remove dirt from underneath and around edges of the nail when washing hands for a more thorough cleaning. One box...

  • Dawn Mist Nail Brush Donovan Industries NB3381

    Dawn Mist

    Dawn Mist Purple Nail Brush with Nylon Bristles, 2 3/4 in

    The DawnMist® Nail Brush is designed to help keep fingernails and toenails clean and neat. The stiff bristles help remove dirt from underneath and around edges of the nail when washing hands for a more thorough cleaning. One box contains 50 purple nail...

  • Spa Essentials Headband Graham Medical Products 51823

    Spa Essentials

    Spa Essentials White Headband, One Size Fits Most

    Package Count: 48. The Spa Essentials Headbands are perfect for use during makeup application, skin cleansing, and facials. It allows the user to keep their hair away from the face and free from interfering with facial treatments. This absorbent...

Brushes, Combs, and Caps

Having well-groomed, healthy hair is an important step in anyone’s self-care routine. Give your locks some love with Simply Medical’s array of brushes, combs, picks, and shower caps. Choose from a comb, brush, or hair pick to get your hair nice and styled, or protect your ’do from water or breakage with a shower cap!

A hairbrush is ideal for removing dandruff and residue and massaging the scalp. Brushes typically have soft bristles for gentle brushing and healthy hair maintenance. Both men and women use brushes to keep their hair looking its best. Hairbrushes are best used on dry hair, otherwise there is a risk of breaking and damaging strands.

A comb is helpful on wet hair to untangle knots without breaking or damaging the delicate strands. If you have a sensitive scalp, choose a comb with rounded tines to reduce irritation caused by scratching. Some combs are all teeth, while others feature a contoured handle for secure gripping. Combs typically have wide, fine, or extra-fine teeth. You will find some combs that have combinations: one side is wide, while the other side is fine; or one side is fine, and the other side is extra-fine.

Combs are especially useful when creating elaborate hairdos or precise styles, as they give you more control and finesse than brushes.

Hair Picks
Hair picks are ideal for grooming very wavy, curly, thick, or textured hair. Choose a hair pick when you want to add more volume, especially at the roots. Gently lift strands of hair away from the scalp to create fullness and volume. Use hair picks on fully dry hair for best results.

Shower Caps
Shower caps keep your hair and scalp dry during a shower or bath. With a stretchable opening, the cap secures to your head and can be easily adjusted. One size fits most adults. The majority of disposable shower caps are made of plastic and can be thrown away after using it once or twice. Shower caps give you an easy way to protect your hair from water and moisture while cleansing your body. You might also want to wear a shower cap at night while sleeping to preserve a hairstyle and avoid breakage and friction.