Hair Care

  • McKesson Shower Cap McKesson Brand 16-SC1


    McKesson Clear Shower Cap, One Size Fits Most

    McKesson Shower Caps are made with a clear elastic band. These caps are one size fits most. There are 200 shower caps per box.Clear One Size Fits All Single Patient Use

  • McKesson Mini Hair Pick McKesson Brand 16-C567


    McKesson Black Mini Hair Pick, 5.3 Inch

    Package Count: 144. Use the McKesson Mini Pick for your hair care needs. Made of polypropylene this pick is ideal for lifting strands off the scalp adding more volume to hair. These mini black hair picks come one each and in a box of 144.Proper use of...

  • Dawn Mist Comb Donovan Industries 2950

    Dawn Mist

    Dawn Mist Black Comb, 8-1/2 Inch

    Package Count: 12. Use the DawnMist® Adult Comb with Handle to groom and detangle hair. These plastic combs can be firmly held in your hand and have rounded teeth for comfort. Receive 12 combs per bag.Features rounded tines to reduce irritation caused...

  • DermaVera Shampoo and Body Wash DermaRite Industries 0013BB


    DermaVera Shampoo and Body Wash Scented 800 mL Dispenser Refill Bag

    DermaVera is a pH balanced full-body cleanser and shampoo. Formulated with shea butter this cleanser helps to nourish and moisturize skin and hair. DermaVera lathers into a rich foam and leaves behind a pleasant scent. This refill bag of DermaVera holds...

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  • Freshscent Shampoo and Body Wash New World Imports FS2


    Freshscent Shampoo and Body Wash Fruit Scent 2 oz. Bottle

    Package Count: 96. Freshscent™ Shampoo and Body Bath is an easy 2 in 1 formula for the hair and body. This small bottle of soap easily fits into a toiletry bag making it suitable for travel. With a good lather and fresh scent this body wash and shampoo...

  • Grip-N-Glide Razor Donovan Industries DR3879


    Grip-N-Glide Razor Blue Twin Blade Disposable

    Package Count: 100. The Grip-N-Glide razor feathers twin microedge blades that work together with a lubricated strip in order to provide a close clean shave. This razor also comes with a clear plastic guard that helps to protect from the risk of exposed...

  • DawnMist Shower Cap Donovan Industries SC01

    Dawn Mist

    DawnMist Clear Shower Cap, One Size Fits Most

    Package Count: 200. The DawnMist® Shower Cap keeps hair and the scalp dry while taking a shower. These individually wrapped caps fit most head sizes. With a stretchable opening the cap secures to the head and can be easily adjusted. One box includes 200...

  • Dawn Mist Razor Donovan Industries DR05

    Dawn Mist

    Dawn Mist Razor Blue Twin Blade Disposable

    Package Count: 10. Whether shaving facial hair or legs the DawnMist® Standard Razor is a suitable option for men and women. Twin microedge blades work together to provide a close clean shave. This razor also comes with a clear plastic guard that helps...

  • McKesson Nail Brush McKesson Brand 946


    McKesson Purple Nail Brush

    Package Count: 50. The McKesson Nail Brush is designed to help keep fingernails and toenails clean and neat. The stiff bristles help remove dirt from underneath and around edges of the nail when washing hands for a more thorough cleaning. One box...