Powders & Moisturizers

  • Classic Bath Additive Central Solutions CLAS2301-2L


    Classic Bath Additive Scented Liquid 2,000 mL Jug

    Classic® Bath Additive forms a complete and stable mixture with water. This skin conditioner contains aloe vera and lanolin oil to promote skin health, softening and soothing flaky dry skin without any left over greasy residue. One case includes four...

  • Tena Proskin Skin Protectant Essity HMS North America Inc 54442


    Tena Proskin Skin Protectant Cream 3.4 oz. Tube

    Use TENA® ProSkin™ Barrier Cream to help manage skin health and protect skin from incontinence. This skin protectant keeps skin dry, clean and protected from moisture that could lead to skin irritation. TENA® ProSkin™ Barrier Cream has a consistency that...

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  • Bag Balm Hand and Body Moisturizer Dairy Association Inc 09819300017

    Bag Balm

    Bag Balm Hand and Body Moisturizer Scented Ointment 8 oz. Canister

    Bag Balm® Original Skin Moisturizer is versatile and works whether your skin treatment needs include healing dry skin, moisturizing cracked hands and feet or relieving sunburns. Bag Balm® moisturizer can effectively soothe skin for long lasting relief...

  • Fruit of the Earth Hand and Body Moisturizer Fruit of The Earth 07166100120

    Fruit of the Earth

    Fruit of the Earth Hand and Body Moisturizer Gel 12 oz. Bottle

    The Fruit Of the Earth™ Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer is made from the inner gel of sustainably grown and hand harvested aloe vera leaves. This 100% aloe vera gel helps with those who suffer from minor burns, skin irritations, insect bites, chafing, itching...

  • McKesson Baby Oil McKesson Brand 16-6399


    McKesson Baby Oil Scented Oil 4 oz. Bottle

    Package Count: 96. 4 fl. oz. (118 mL) Made from mineral oil to protect skin from dryness Helps lock in moisture with a smooth, silky feel leaving skin feeling soft Mild and gentle, with a light scent Helps soothe and relieve dry skin and forms a silky...

  • Bismoline Body Powder Bismoline Manufacturing 1270


    Bismoline Body Powder 7-1/4 oz. Shaker Bottle

    Bismoline® Body Powder is designed to coat skin with a protective film that aids in the prevention and relief of minor skin irritations.Use for diaper rash, adult rashes, prickly heat, chafing, urine burns, athlete's foot and as a deodorant Lightly...

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  • Aloe Vesta Skin Protectant Medline 413401


    Aloe Vesta Skin Protectant Liquid 2.1 oz. Spray Bottle

    Sprays from any angle for all-over protection without the need for rubbing Alcohol-, preservative, and fragrance-free formulation minimizes skin irritation in patients with sensitive skin Designed to be easily removed with normal cleansing products It is...

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  • Rash Relief Skin Protectant Systagenix Wound Management 62402

    Rash Relief

    Rash Relief Skin Protectant Scented Liquid 2 oz. Spray Bottle

    A spray-on, no-rub-in multipurpose treatment for skin Soothes and protects irritated skin with 25% zinc oxide and 20% dimethicone (and petrolatum) without the mess and pain associated with traditional rubbed-in ointments

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  • Secura Skin Protectant Smith & Nephew 59431100

    Smith & Nephew

    Secura Skin Protectant Scented Cream Tube

    Protectant helps treat and prevent rash associated with diaper use or continued exposure to feces, urine or both and helps seal out wetness

    Starting at $7.99