Skin Care

Skin Care Products
  • Seni Care Body Care Skin Protectant TZMO USA Inc S-BCC4-C31


    Seni Care Body Care Skin Protectant Scented Cream 4 oz. Tube

    Seni Care Body Care Cream supports healthy everyday care of sensitive skin in people that use absorbent products.Leaves a delicate film behind for lasting comfort Contains panthenol to effectively moisturize, with flax biocomplex and arginine to soften...

    Starting at $12.75
  • Incontinence Care Wipe Cardinal 2AWUD-42


    Incontinence Care Washcloth Wipe Soft Pack Unscented

    9 Inches by 13 Inches, unscented Soft pack Ideal for incontinence and quick clean-ups, these products have a gentle, no-rinse formulation The soft cloth is infused with aloe to soothe and moisturize skin They’re pre-moistened, ready-to-use and come in...

    Starting at $14.78
  • Aveeno Anti-Itch Anti-Itch Hand and Body Lotion Johnson & Johnson Consumer 10381370036903


    Aveeno Anti-Itch Anti-Itch Hand and Body Lotion Lotion 4 oz. Bottle

    External analgesic and skin protectant that helps soothe itch caused by poison ivy/oak/sumac, insect bites, and chicken pox rash This lotion provides fast-acting, soothing relief of rashes and itching It's formulated with calamine to dry up weepy rashes,...

  • Mueller Petroleum Jelly Mueller Sports Medicine 160201


    Mueller Petroleum Jelly 16 oz. Jar

    Petroleum jelly was serendipitously discovered when oil first began to be drilled more than 150 years ago. It's now recognized as being highly useful for preventing skin's moisture loss; treating diaper rash; managing eczema, psoriasis and atopic...

  • AlphaBath Bath Oil DermaRite Industries 0078


    AlphaBath Bath Oil Scented Oil 7.5 oz. Bottle

    Package Count: 48. AlphaBath is a soothing bath and body oil designed to be added to water. This light formula, rich with moisture, enhances the skin's natural moisture. This body oil soothes and softens as it gently cleans.Light moisture rich formula...

  • Fresh Peaches Toilet Paper Gel Starter Set Fresh Peaches Inc WIPSTARTERBLU

    Fresh Peaches

    Fresh Peaches Toilet Paper Gel Starter Set - Wet Wipe Alternative

    Feel refreshed and clean with Fresh Peaches, a toilet paper gel designed to save your bum and the planet. This alternative wet wipe solution cuts down on waste and gives you confidence, peace of mind, and most importantly: a fresh behind. The...

    Starting at $23.00
  • UltraSure Antiperspirant / Deodorant DermaRite Industries 00266


    UltraSure Antiperspirant Deodorant Scented 4 oz.

    UltraSure™ Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant minimizes underarm wetness that results from perspiration. With 24-hour protection this deodorant keeps the user feeling cool, dry and comfortable. Made without any CFCs, UltraSure™ Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant...

  • Seni Care Rinse-Free Personal Wipe TZMO USA Inc S-WP48-C11


    Seni Care Rinse-Free Personal Wipe Soft Pack Unscented

    Seni® Care Premium Plus Personal Cleansing Wipes are a fitting option when soap and water are not available to use. While these premoistened cloths are intended for continual cleansing of the perineal area they can also be used for full body cleansing...

    Starting at $11.89
  • Fresh Moment Rinse-Free Body Wash McKesson Medical Surgical HDX-D2502


    Fresh Moment Liquid Rinse-Free Body Wash Scented 16 oz. Liquid

    Fresh Moment™ Rinse-Free Body Wash is a no-rinse body cleanser, ideal for when traditional bathing methods are not an option. Formulated with mild surfactants this body wash is gentle on hair and skin, and maintains a neutral pH level. Fresh Moment™...

  • Prevail Personal Wipe First Quality WW-715


    Prevail Personal Washcloth Wipe Soft Pack Scented

    Prevail® Disposable Adult Washcloths are made for cleaning as well as refreshing skin after leaks or product changes. Each wipe contains ingredients that help to nourish and moturize skin while it cleanses. The triple layer fabric makes each wipe durable...

    Starting at $10.21
Skin Care

The skin is our body's largest organ and serves us in a variety of ways. Healthy skin starts with good nutrition, cleanliness, and, of course, skincare. Fortunately, there are many amazing products for skincare that are available.

Hand Wipes
With the threat of viruses and bacteria, having hand wipes is a great way to not only protect your skin but your overall health, too. Wipes are convenient for busy individuals to have on hand when running errands, traveling, going to the gym, and many more activities.

Hand Soap and Hand Lotion
Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick, but it can be tough on the skin if you are not using the right type of hand soap. Using a hand soap with plenty of Aloe Vera and other natural moisturizers can help keep hands soft and smooth. After your hands are clean, apply hand lotion to minimize dryness.

Body Washes and Soaps
A good body wash or body soap is a staple for any skincare routine. However, whether you prefer liquid or bar soap, make sure you use something compatible with your skin type. A good body wash should clean the face or body while moisturizing and protecting the skin. If you find that your skin feels particularly dry after the shower, for instance, consider switching products to something with more moisturizing ingredients.

Body Lotion and Creams
Creams help your skin throughout the day, whether protecting from environmental toxins, soothing irritation, or moisturizing in a dry climate. There are many great body lotions and creams to choose from, including scented or non-scented, skin protectants, ointments, medicated formulas and more. You should choose one depending on your skin type and personal preferences.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants
There are skincare products available for the underarms and other areas of the body designed to control sweating and body odor. These personal hygiene products usually come in stick or spray form and provide a fresh fragrance. If you sweat a lot throughout the day, look for a deodorant that offers 24-hour protection against moisture and odor.

Feminine Skin Care
The skin around your pubic area is sensitive and may require additional feminine hygiene products. These can include wipes, odor reducers, and even scrubs and lotions if you shave or wax the area. Whatever you choose to use, gynecologists agree that no feminine hygiene product should go up the vaginal area and should stay on the skin outside instead.