Shower Aids

Medical Shower Aids and Equipment
Shower Aids

For seniors and those with mobility issues, bathing can be difficult. Getting in and out of the tub or shower is an opportunity for slips and falls. Bath and shower aids make bathing safer and more accessible, whether you have mobility problems or care for someone who does.

Tub Mats

Tub mats are one of the simplest shower aids for the elderly, children, or for anyone who needs a low level of safety protection in the tub. Tub mats are made of non-slip material and adhere to the bottom of the tub or shower floor via small suction cups. They provide a stable surface that reduces the likelihood of slips.

Grab Bars

For people who can get in and out of the tub on their own but need support, or for those who need extra stability in the shower, grab bars or safety rails may be appropriate. Grab bars and rails are metal bars that are permanently mounted to the wall and can be placed next to and above the tub and even inside the shower.

Tub Rails

Tub rails serve the same purpose as wall-mounted grab bars but clamp to the side of the bathtub. They provide a stable hand-hold for use when stepping into and out of the tub. Unlike wall-mounted bars, they can be easily moved, repositioned, or removed as needed.

Tub rails may not be appropriate for certain bathtubs, such as old-fashioned claw-footed tubs or fiberglass tubs. Check the product information before purchasing the rails.

Suction Grab Bars

Suction grab bars are similar to wall-mounted bars but attach to the wall or other flat surfaces with suction cups rather than mechanical hardware. That makes them more versatile in that they can be easily removed or repositioned, but it also means that they cannot bear as much weight.

Suction grab bars are most appropriate for people who need extra stability when getting into and out of the bath but who do not need a bar that can support their total weight.

Handheld Showers

Handheld showers are simple bathing aids that consist of a showerhead with a long, flexible hose. Most handheld showers incorporate a wall-mounted holder, so they can also function as a conventional shower. Handheld showers work well with shower chairs or benches.

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs, benches, and stools are non-slip, water-resistant, and go directly in the shower. They are appropriate for people who cannot either take tub baths or stand on their own during showers. Shower chairs may have solid seats or may have cutaway commode-type seats for the incontinent.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches are another option for people who need assistance getting into and out of the tub. They consist of a long seat with a rail at one end, a chair back in the center, and four adjustable-height legs.

Transfer benches straddle the side of the tub, allowing the user to sit down while standing next to the tub, then slide over and sit down in the tub itself without having to step over the side.