Bathroom Aids

Bathroom Aids
  • DMI Grab Bar Mabis Healthcare 521-1530-0616


    DMI Grab Bar, Silver

    Achieve a safer environment in the bathroom with the DMI textured steel grab bar. This device allows you to balance and shift weight in the bathroom easily and while moving in and out of the tub. This grab bar is made of high quality chrome-plated...

    As low as $20.47
  • McKesson Bath Bench McKesson Brand 146-12021KD-1


    McKesson Aluminum Bath Bench, 20 Inch Seat Width

    McKesson's cross-braced aluminum bariatric bath bench has a removable back. Its durable construction provides lasting support for users weighing up to 500 lbs. Lightweight yet strong, this dependable bariatric bath safety solution also is...

  • McKesson Commode Chair McKesson Brand 146-11125KD-1


    McKesson Steel Commode Chair, 20 to 24 Inch Seat Height

    Make nighttime easier with the McKesson commode chair by the bedside. The frame is made of welded steel and has a gray powder-coated finish, supporting up to 300 pounds. Non-skid tips on the bottom prevent the McKesson steel frame folding commode from...

  • FabLife Bath Sponge Fabrication Enterprises 45-2381

    Fabrication Enterprises

    FabLife Bath Hourglass Sponge Blue Foam, 22-1/2 Inch Plastic Handle

    The FabLife® Back Sponge Scrubber assists those with limited mobility to reach their backs and lower body. The scrubber has a 5 Inch hourglass sponge attached to a straight handle with a hole on the end of hanging up.5 Inch blue hourglass foam sponge 22½...

  • THERACARE Bathtub Mat Veridian Healthcare LLC 19-110


    Veridian Theracare Non-Slip Bath Mat, Antifungal - 15 in x 27 in

    15 x 27 inch anti-slip bathtub and shower mat has a textured surface so the wet conditions of daily hygiene will not cause you to slip. The bottom of bath mat has suction denticles that adhere to bottom of bathtub or shower floor so bath mat will not...

    As low as $20.47
  • FabLife Bath Sponge Fabrication Enterprises 45-2380

    Fabrication Enterprises

    FabLife Bath Square Sponge Blue Foam, 22-1/2 Inch Plastic Handle

    The FabLife Back Sponge Scrubber assists those with limited mobility to reach their backs and lower body. The scrubber has a 5 Inch round sponge attached to a straight handle with a hole on the end of hanging up.5-inch blue round foam sponge 22½ Inch...

  • DMI Toilet Seat Cushion Mabis Healthcare 520-1246-1900


    DMI Toilet Seat Cushion, Vinyl with Foam Padding - White, Latex Free

    The Mabis Cushion Toilet Seat fits most standard size toilet seats and the comfortable foam padding helps minimize pressure when sitting. This padded raised toilet seat attaches through hook and loop straps, and is constructed of foam padding upholstered...

    As low as $29.90
  • drive Bath Bench Drive Medical 12445KD-1


    drive Aluminum Bath Bench, 16 Inch Seat Width

    Shower chair with back has removable padded armrests and is made with recycled materials.300-lb weight capacity Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and corrosion proof Blow molded bench provides comfort and strength Drainage holes in bench reduce...

  • GMAX Emesis Basin GMAX Industries GP85008


    GMAX Gray Emesis Basin, 16 oz.

    Emesis basin from GMAX Industries is an essential for bedside care when there's even the slightest risk the person being cared for may vomit or otherwise need something to expel fluids into.Emesis basins are rounded so they get as close to patient's...

  • McKesson Emesis Basin McKesson Brand 56-80367


    McKesson Gray Emesis Basin, 20 oz.

    Package Count: 250. Collect fluids and prevent spillage with the emesis basin from McKesson. Use it to hold water and other solutions, maintain oral hygiene and contain body fluids. The emesis tray also comes in handy for collecting expectorate, medical...

Bathroom Aids

For people with mobility issues, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. According to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of falls occur in bathrooms, and falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits among seniors.

Making the bathroom as safe as possible can go a long way towards reducing the likelihood of accidents in the home, and there are many types of bathroom aids and safety equipment that can assist.

Grab Rails and Bars

Grab rails and grab bars are one of the most common accommodations for people with poor mobility. These are the metal bars that you find in the accessible stalls of public bathrooms. They are permanent and must be bolted to the bathroom walls.

Grab bars and rails can be installed next to the toilet, the tub, and even in the shower. They are capable of holding a person’s full weight. However, towel racks are not a substitute for grab bars and can cause accidents.

Suction grab bars may be a versatile alternative for those who need extra stability but do not require a grab bar to support their full weight. Suction grab bars, as the name implies, are secured to surfaces with suction cups. This allows them to adhere to virtually any smooth surface. In addition, suction grab bars do not require tools for installation and can be installed, moved, and removed as needed.

Toilet Seat Extenders

If getting on and off the toilet is difficult but you don’t want to or cannot install safety bars, a toilet seat extender may be an option. Toilet seat extenders, also called raised toilet seats, sit atop the regular toilet seat and add several inches to the height of the toilet. Some are equipped with arms, which add stability and can assist with rising after using the toilet. Toilet seat extenders are an inexpensive alternative to installing a handicapped toilet.

Toilet Frames

Safety frames are another alternative to grab bars and rails for assistance in sitting and standing while using the toilet. Safety frames are made of metal tubing, usually aluminum, with non-slip handgrips and surround the toilet to act as stand-alone grab bars.

Toilet safety frames come in a variety of styles and may be free-standing frames or may attach to the toilet for stability instead.

Commode Chairs

Commode chairs may also be an option, especially for people who have difficulty making it to the bathroom in time. Commode chairs, like toilet frames, consisting of a metal tubing frame with non-slip grips on the side rails. However, rather than sitting above the existing toilet, they hold a basin or bucket with an attached toilet seat and lid similar to a child’s potty chair. Commode chairs are lightweight and can be easily moved. Some models fold up for even easier transport.

While bathroom safety is essential, other bathroom medical aids such as self-wiping aids (which extend the user’s reach and make it easier to wipe) and urine splash guards can make using the bathroom a more positive experience. For all your bathroom aid needs, visit SimplyMedical today.