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Splint & Cast Bandages

  • Ortho-Glass Splint Roll BSN Medical OG-3L2

    Ortho-Glass Splint Roll Fiberglass White

    Its easy-stretch padding covers all edges, while its patented roll form eliminates any wasted productNo wrong side applicationMinimum water needed to activate

  • McKesson Casting Roll Form Splints McKesson Brand 1302

    McKesson Casting Roll Form Splints Fiberglass White

    Padding can be easily opened to cut for a custom fitCenter stitching of seven layers of fiberglass to maximize laminationNo wrong side applicationWhiteMinimal water needed to activateResealable clip helps preserve product between usesDouble-sided,...

    Starting at $44.99
  • Specialist Plaster Splint BSN Medical 7390

    Specialist Plaster Splint Plaster White

    High dry / wet plaster retentionEarly green strength thus reducing the time that the cast is vulnerable to distortionSmooth finish5 year shelf life

    Starting at $29.99