Splint & Cast Supplies

  • Protouch Synthetic Cast Padding BSN Medical 30-3051

    Protouch Synthetic Undercast Cast Padding Synthetic White

    Made of synthetic fibers to retract moisture away from the skin to keep dry for patient comfortSoft, comfortable cushioning provides patient comfortSuperb conformability eliminating ridgesExcellent feathering for a smooth undercast surfaceHigh loft and...

    Starting at $19.49
  • Artiflex Padding Bandage BSN Medical 904600

    Artiflex Undercast Padding Bandage 3.9 Inch X 3.3 Yard White

    Multi-purpose padding under padding bandage to ensure even distribution of pressure in multilayered bandaging for lymphedema40% polyester/ 40% polypropylene / 20% polyethyleneNon-absorbent, so padding effect is not compromised even in humid...

  • Delta-Lite Plus Cast Tape BSN Medical 7345801

    Delta-Lite Plus Cast Tape White

    Delta-Lite® Plus is our new fiberglass cast tape that combines fiberglass substrate and an advanced water activated polyurethane resin system which provides low tack propertiesThe low tack properties allow easy application and molding using standard...

    Starting at $46.99
  • Delta-Net Stockinette BSN Medical 7272301

    Delta-Net Compression Stockinette Synthetic Black

    Delta-Net orthopedic synthetic stockinette is made of synthetic material that keeps skin cool and dryProvides a smooth initial surface for cast applicationDelta-Net stretches to more than twice its width and conforms comfortably to complex anatomyIt is...

    Starting at $88.99
  • Webril Cast Padding Cardinal -2502

    Webril Undercast Cast Padding Sterile Cotton White

    100% purified cotton fibersCombination of mild stretch and cohesiveness, holds padding in place without shifting or bunchingRetains consistency wet and dryRegular finishIn a sterile blister pouch for postoperative casting applications

    Starting at $3.99
  • Ortho-Glass Splint Roll BSN Medical OG-3L2

    Ortho-Glass Splint Roll Fiberglass White

    Its easy-stretch padding covers all edges, while its patented roll form eliminates any wasted productNo wrong side applicationMinimum water needed to activate

    Starting at $86.99
  • 3M Cast Padding 3M Ortho CMW03

    3M Undercast Cast Padding Polyester White

    Spun Dacron polyester padding provides protection and patient comfort, while helping reduce water retention for a drier castStrong and durable padding is easy to tearConforms easily to body contoursPorous to allow the skin to breatheVersatile padding can...

    Starting at $36.99
  • McKesson Stockinette McKesson Brand 16-4T-325

    McKesson Tubular Stockinette 3 Inch X 25 Yard Cotton Beige

    Stockinette is used under plaster casts and orthopedic appliances for skin protection.3 inches x 25 yardsKnitted from high-grade yarn and inspected to guarantee consistent knit construction, cleanliness, and proper roll dimensionsUsed under plaster casts...

    Starting at $7.99
  • McKesson Stockinette McKesson Brand 16-4TS-325

    McKesson Tubular Stockinette 3 Inch X 25 Yard Polyester White

    Use as a liner in an impervious stockinette or with orthopedic appliances.Knitted from high-grade yarn and inspected to guarantee consistent knit construction, cleanliness, and proper roll dimensionsDesigned for use with synthetic casting systems because...

    Starting at $10.99
  • McKesson Cast Padding McKesson Brand 16-CP2

    McKesson Cast Padding Polyester White

    Polyester padding provides protection and comfort, while helping reduce water retention for a drier cast.Versatile padding can be used with all casting materials, plaster and syntheticNonsterileConforms easily to bodily contoursPolyester padding provides...

    Starting at $9.49
  • McKesson Cast Tape McKesson Brand 115-2A

    McKesson Cast Tape Fiberglass

    Water-activated resin lets you control working time according to application needsHigh and early strength allows for weight bearing in 20 minutes and provides a durable cast with less chance of breakdown and the need for costly repairs or...

    Starting at $25.09