Toilet Aids

  • Sani-Bag Commode Liner Phillips Environmental dba Cleanwaste H645S10P


    Sani-Bag Commode Liner

    Wedge cushions significantly reduce the patient's ability to hyper-extend out of the wheelchair The cushion is a high density foam that increases the seat to back angle, just enough to maintain proper sitting posture This cushion is available with gel...

    Starting at $19.10
  • McKesson Raised Toilet Seat McKesson Brand 146-RTL12064


    McKesson Raised Toilet Seat Plastic White, 4 Inch Height

    Increase the height of your current seat by 4 inches with the McKesson Raised Toilet Seat. It is handy for individuals who need help sitting down or standing up. It incorporates a tool-free assembly using dual-locking knobs that fasten the seat to the...

  • MJM International Shower Chair MJM International 118-3

    MJM International

    MJM International PVC Shower Chair, 21 Inch Height

    Healthcare grade Deluxe elongated open front seat enhances resident comfort Anti-slip handgrips Push/pull handle Fast drying removable mesh back/sling Reinforced at all stress related areas Flared base for extreme stability Personal pocket pouch

  • drive Commode Bucket Drive Medical 11108


    drive Commode Bucket

    The drive Commode Bucket with Metal Handle and Cover is the perfect accessory to a series of other drive commode chairs with simple accessories to help make transporting material more efficient. The buckets are cylindrical in shape and have a lid for...

    Starting at $11.99
  • Carex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat Apex-Carex Healthcare FGB30600 0000


    Carex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat Plastic White, 3-1/2 Inch Height

    The Carex Toilet Seat Riser Elevator for Elongated Toilet seat is designed to raise the height of the toilet seat to make sitting and getting up easier. This is a perfect solution for the elderly and for people with sitting and bending difficulties. It...

    Starting at $37.99
  • drive Toilet Safety Rail Drive Medical RTL12079


    drive Toilet Safety Rail White

    Toilet Safety Rail from drive is a free standing grab bar used to assist mobility patients at the toilet. This safety rail is easy to assemble and does not require tools for assembly. It is compatible with standard and elongated toilets. This sturdy...

    Starting at $46.99
  • Carex Economy Raised Toilet Seat Apex-Carex Healthcare FGB302C0 0000


    Carex Economy Raised Toilet Seat Plastic White, 5-1/2 Inch Height

    This 15 inch-width raised toilet seat from Carex Health Brands assists those with bending or sitting difficulties by adding 5 inches of height to the toilet seat. The contoured seat provides a wider, more comfortable seating area and offers reliable...

  • Lumex Commode Pail Graham-Field 6691


    Lumex Commode Pail

    Fits Lumex and other leading manufacturers' commodes Nonautoclaveable

    Starting at $7.99
  • McKesson Toilet Safety Rail McKesson Brand 146-RTL12087


    McKesson Toilet Safety Rail Steel White

    Designed to add support and enhance safety while toileting. Contoured waterfall armrests are designed to add comfort and provide an excellent gripping surface.Ideal bath safety solution for users suffering from poor balance, arthritis, limited mobility,...

    Starting at $21.99
  • Invacare Commode Pail Invacare 6317


    Invacare Commode Pail

    This product is treated to resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria that can cause stains and odors Microban antimicrobial product protection

    Starting at $11.99

Toilet Aids

Bathroom aids are useful and practical products that help older adults move around safer. They are typically medical-grade and straightforward to use.

Toilet Seat Safety Rails

Safety rails are usually made with sturdy and easy-to-grip materials like anodized aluminum, which aid when sitting down and getting up on the toilet. They can also serve as armrests to make things easier and more comfortable in the restroom.

When looking for the proper safety rail, look if it has adjustable height and width so you can make the necessary changes to suit your needs. You can also look for padded armrests to provide additional comfort and support when using the toilet.

Seat Extenders

Seat extenders increase the toilet seat by up to four inches, making sitting down and standing up much easier.

Most extenders are easy to install and have dual locking knobs that fasten the seat for a secure fit to the toilet. Consider choosing a product that is lightweight yet durable.

Grab Bars

Ideal for those with poor balance and medical conditions limiting their mobility, grab bars provide an excellent gripping surface to make standing up and sitting down more accessible for the elderly.

Unlike safety rails attached to the back of the toilet seat and the bathroom floor, the frames or grab bars fix to the wall to help the user balance while getting up and down. You can also use grab bars to balance when getting in and out of the shower or tub.

Portable Commodes

Commodes are common toilet aids for the elderly. A commode chair, often known as a bedside commode or adult potty chair, is a non-flushing portable toilet.

A commode chair is typically a lightweight frame with armrests and a toilet seat with a bucket beneath it. After use, the bucket can be removed and cleaned.

When shopping for a portable commode, consider the weight capacity. Bariatric commodes have sturdier frames able to handle more weight. Some are also height adjustable to make sitting down and getting up easier.

Commode Liner

Commode liners make cleaning and removing waste from a commode easier. Good commode liners feature an absorbent powder that reduces splashing and odor. To minimize the work in changing commode liners, find ones that can hold up to two quarts of liquid and is easy to remove.

Commode Pails

Commode pails make transporting waste materials more efficient and hygienic. Find commode pails with lids that cover all materials entirely inside. They should also be compatible with several types of commode chairs.