Ostomy Accessories

  • Nu-Hope Ostomy Adhesive Cement Nu-Hope Laboratories 2400


    Nu-Hope Ostomy Adhesive Cement 3 oz., Applicator

    Nu-Hope Adhesive with Applicator is an excellent additional aid for problem situations such as oily skin, perspiration problems, scar lines, skin wrinkles, poorly located stoma. It has the ability to repel effluent without having to remove adhesive or to...

  • ConvaTec Ostomy Appliance Belt ConvaTec 175507


    ConvaTec Ostomy Appliance Belt Adjustable

    Provides an added sense of security.Attaches to belt loopson Natura® Pouches and Consecura® Lockring pounches White Adjustable up to 42 inches

  • Securi-T Ostomy Wafer Securi-T 7404134


    Securi-T Ostomy Wafer - Flat, Trim to Fit, Standard, 4 in x 4 in

    Package Count: 10. Securi-T® 2-Piece Solid Hydrocolloid Barrier is a standard wear ostomy barrier and provides an easier way to apply a sealing barrier without any irritation to the skin. This trimmed to fit this barrier can be sized to fit a unique...

  • Assura Ostomy Irrigation Sleeve Coloplast 1003


    Assura Ostomy Irrigation Sleeve - Disposable, Adhesive Back

    Package Count: 10. Use the Assura® Ostomy Irrigation Sleeve when regulating bowel movement and cleansing the colon. The sleeve has an adhesive back and opens at the top for easy access to the stoma. This disposable irrigation sleeve is ideal for those...

  • Brava Belt Coloplast 4220


    Brava Skin Barrier Belt - Size XL, 49 in

    The Brava® Ostomy Belt provides extra security for an ostomy pouch keeping it in place. Neutral gray in color this belt is discreet and intended to blend in under clothing. The Brava® Ostomy Belt is Made with soft comfortable material and is adjustable...

  • Assura Ostomy Night Bag Coloplast 21365


    Assura Ostomy Night Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve, 2000 mL

    Package Count: 10. With a capacity of two liters and an adjustable anti-kink tube nearly four feet long, the Coloplast urostomy night bag allows for a comfortable night's rest. The Coloplast urostomy night bag can be attached to all SenSura and Assura...

  • Contour I Filtered Stoma Cap Hollister 1796

    Contour I

    Contour I Filtered Stoma Cap - 1 15/16 in Opening, Cap Size 4 in

    Package Count: 30. The Hollister Stoma Cap is disigned for those who manage their colostomy discarge with irrigation. This SoftFlex™ barrier is a standard wear skin barrier that is gentle on skin and made for more frequent changes. The integrated filter...

  • Drain Tube Attachment Device Hollister 9782


    Hollister Drain Tube Attachment - Vertical, Holds Tubes 5 - 40 Fr

    Secures tube or catheter by its tube attachment clamping mechanism; eliminates sutures Features an adjustable clamp with serrated strap that wraps around and holds the drain, tube, or catheter FlexWear Skin Barrier protects the skin and allows...

  • Adapt Lubricating Deodorant Hollister 78500


    Adapt Lubricating Deodorant for Ostomy Pouches - 8 oz Bottle

    Keep ostomy pouches from clinging and releasing odors by using Adapt™ Lubricating Deodorant by Hollister®. It's made for both closed and drainable ostomy pouches. This 8-ounce Adapt™ lubricating deodorant neutralizes any odors instead of masking them...

  • Eakin Fistula and Wound Drainage Pouch ConvaTec 839261


    Eakin Fistula and Wound Drainage Pouch, 3 in x 4 3/10 in

    Package Count: 10. Manage drainage from fistulas, stoma sites and wounds with this Convatec Eakin® Fistula and Wound Pouch. The material absorbs moisture to prevent it from penetrating into the skin, while its flexible flange allows the pouch to fit the...


Ostomy Accessories | Ostomy Bag Accessories

The skin around your stoma is called peristomal skin. Keeping this skin healthy is very important for both skin barrier adhesion and quality of life. Breakdown of the peristomal skin can be caused by many different factors and can affect the quality of life. Ostomy accessories help address some of those factors. A recent study has shown that 75% of ostomates experience some type of peristomal skin irritation around their stoma. 
Skin Barrier Wipes: Skin barrier wipes form a protective layer on the skin. This protective layer can minimize skin damage if the skin is exposed to adhesives or waste. 
No-Sting Skin Barrier Wipe:  Alcohol-free formula for sting-free comfort.
Protective Powder: Specially designed powder used to protect irritated and damaged skin around the stoma.  Dust on and then brush off. 
Adhesive remover wipes: Used to dissolve the skin barrier and leftover residue for gentle removal. 

Paste: Used to caulk uneven surfaces and prevent drainage from getting underneath the skin barrier. This is not a glue or adhesive.
Rings: Used to fill in uneven surfaces, is moldable, and can be shaped to the size of stoma for a closer fit. 
Convex Barrier Ring: Used to fill in uneven surfaces, build up support around the stoma, and prevent ostomy output from getting under the pouch seal.
Strip Paste: Used to fill in deep creases and depressions around the stoma.
Extra Security
Deodorant: Can be added to the pouch to help eliminate odors.
Lubricating Deodorant: Lubricates the inside of the pouch for easy draining of contents and deodorizes.
Elastic barrier strips: Used on the outer edge of the skin barrier to prevent rolling and adding extra security in a skin-friendly manner.
Ostomy Belts: Attaches to the skin barrier or pouch to provided added security and/or increase convexity. Washable and reusable.
Protective Sheets: Skin barrier that protects the skin from stoma output. Adheres to moist skin.