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Ostomy Accessories

  • Brava Lurbicating Deodorant Coloplast 12060

    Brava Lurbicating Deodorant 0.27 oz. Packet

    Package Count: 200.27 oz. packetA great solution to help control ostomy bag smell, leaking or fall-offThis lubricating deodorant helps to neutralize odor in the pouchIt also helps prevent the pouch from sticking together and creates a slick pouch surface...

  • Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Drops Hollister 7715

    Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Drops 1 oz. Bottle

    Highly effective in eliminating odors, safe to use as demonstrated over many years of useConvenient to use, place drops of M9 into pouch before applying itEconomical, a few drops per wearing is adequate to eliminate odorRecommended for home use

  • Brava Ostomy Belt Coloplast 4215

    Brava Ostomy Belt

    Made of soft and comfortable materialDiscreet to wearAdjustable so you can find the right fit for your bodyA belt can be very useful if your abdomen is uneven or rounded

  • Adapt CeraRing Barrier Ring Hollister 8805

    Adapt CeraRing Barrier Ring 2 Inch X 4.5 mm

    Package Count: 10Adapt CeraRing™ barrier rings help you better manage an ostomy. They have ceramide, which is a natural compound in your skin, in order to help maintain moisture and keep peristomal skin healthy. Use Hollister Adapt CeraRings™ along with...

  • Brava Ostomy Barrier Strip Paste Coloplast 26555

    Brava Ostomy Barrier Strip Paste 2 oz. Moldable Strip Paste

    Package Count: 10Skin-friendly filler for scars and foldsThe Brava Strip Paste fills deeper folds and scars, allowing you to create a tight seal between your barrier and skinLike caulking a bath tub, creating a tight seal helps avoid leakage

  • Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Hollister

    Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator

    Effectively and safely cleans urinary drainage systemsSpecially formulated for use with urinary drainage system; ph balanced and non-acidicFree wash bottle includedRecommended for home useContains no perfume or silver nitrate

  • McKesson Skin Barrier Strip McKesson Brand

    McKesson Skin Barrier Strip Shape-to-Fit 1/2 Arc

    Keeps the pouch secure and protects the peristomal skinWater-resistant surface with gentle, highly absorbent hydrocolloid adhesive soaks up exudate and allows for use when swimming, bathing, etc.Pre-cut, pre-shaped strip with high-tack adhesion for easy...

  • 3M Cavilon No Sting Skin Barrier Applicator 3M 3343

    3M Cavilon No Sting Skin Barrier Applicator Sterile

    The gentler way to protect skin from body fluids, adhesives and friction. Alcohol-free barrier film applies without stinging. Forms a breathable, transparent film for long-lasting protection. It is fast drying and non-sticky for better patient comfort...