• Fleet Enema C.B. Fleet 00132020110


    Fleet 7.8 oz. Enema

    Fleet enemata work well for the relief of occasional constipation or bowel cleansing before rectal examinations.This item is Fleet Extra which means it has 70% more volume than regular Fleet enema Pre-lubricated Comfortip for ease of insertion One-way...

  • sunmark Enema McKesson Brand 49348018620


    sunmark 4.5 oz. Enema

    This Sunmark enema helps give you relief from digestive and bowel issues. It helps relieve constipation by clearing and emptying out your bowels. This instant relief enema accomplishes this by increasing the amount of water in your intestines. It starts...

  • AMSure Enema Bag and Bucket Set Amsino International AS330


    AMSure 1500 mL Enema Bag and Bucket Set

    AMSure cleansing enema bag and bucket sets provide the necessary components to perform a comfortable and safe procedure. The set includes 60 in. (152.4 cm) tubing with pre-lubricated tip, soap packet, waterproof drape and either a 1500 mL bag or 1500 mL...

  • Assura Colostomy Pouch Coloplast 15870


    Assura 1-Piece 11-1/2'' Drainable Colostomy Pouch 10 per Box

    Package Count: 10. Standard wear 11½ Inches / 530 mL Cut to fit 10-75 mm Stoma size EasiClose™ WIDE Outlet - offers a ½ Inch wider integrated closure for easy, fast emptying on the go Filter Soft cloth on back (and front of opaque)

  • Hollihesive Skin Barrier Wafer Hollister


    Hollihesive Flat Square Trim to Fit Skin Barrier Wafer

    Protects the skin from irritating stomal discharge Durable in the presence of heat and moisture Barrier is sticky on both sides; can be shaped to give a custom fit Barrier is sticky on both sides; can be shaped to give a custom fit

  • New Image CeraPlus Ostomy Barrier Hollister 11904


    New Image CeraPlus Ostomy Barrier Extended Wear 5 per Box

    Package Count: 5. The Hollister® Soft Convex Skin Barrier 1-3/4-inch flange is ideal for protecting peristomal skin from moisture loss and irritation from stoma output. It contains ceramide, which plays a critical role in helping the skin retain...


Ostomy Supplies | Ostomy Bags

An ostomy pouching system consists of two distinct pieces. The first is the skin barrier. This is the piece of the system that sticks to your body. It is also known as “wafer” or “base plate.” The skin barrier is what holds your ostomy pouching system in place. The second piece of the pouching system is the pouch itself, which contains the stool or urine. 
Skin Barriers can come as:
Flat: Flat barriers are best for stomas that protrude off the surface of the skin and for abdominal contours that may have deep creases.
Convex: Convex barriers have a firm dip in the barrier that applies pressure around the stoma. These are best for stomas that are flush against your skin or if you have a soft abdomen, creases, or dips. 
Cut to fit: Cut-to fit-barriers are designed to be cut to the size of the stoma. This is a good option immediately after surgery, as your stoma size may be changed, or if you have an oval or oblong-sized stoma.
Pre-Cut: Once your stoma size stays the same and is round, you can get a skin barrier that is already cut to the size of your stoma.
Moldable: Moldable skin barriers are molded to the shape and size of the stoma using your fingers. They are designed so that you can provide a close, custom shape around your stoma. Moldable barriers are a good option for irregularly shaped stomas.
The second piece of the pouching system is the pouch itself. The pouch contains the stool or urine. 
Ostomy Pouches come as:
Opaque: Tan in color so it conceals the contents of the pouch and stoma.
Clear: You can see the contents of the pouch as well as the stoma.
Drainable: Drainable pouches allow you to drain the contents of the pouch throughout the day. This is an option for people with liquid, loose, or semi-formed stools that require emptying more than 2 times a day.
Close ended: These pouches do not have a drainable end and are designed to be taken off and thrown away when one-third of the way full. These are best for people who have formed, predictable stools and/or require disposal 1-2 times a day.
Urostomy: These pouches are designed specifically to contain urine and have a spout/tap on the end for easy emptying and attachment to a nighttime drainage bag. 
An additional feature of pouching systems is the absence or presence of a gas filter, which allows odor- free release of gas and minimizes ballooning of the pouch.  
Ostomy One-Piece System
A one-piece ostomy system has the skin barrier permanently attached to the pouch. A one-piece system requires only a peel and stick to apply.  It also lies flat against the body and can offer more discretion. It is very flexible, which is ideal if you have a bulge or hernia or participate in frequent exercise or physical activity.
Ostomy Two-Piece System
A two-piece ostomy system has the skin barrier separate from the pouch. It offers the most versatility in that you can empty or change your pouch without removing the skin barrier. You can change the pouch type and size based on your physical activity and/or for intimacy. 
The pouch attaches to the skin barrier by:
Mechanical Coupling:  The pouch snaps onto a flange, which is a plastic ridge on the barrier.
Adhesive Coupling:  The pouch adheres to the skin barrier by a tacky adhesive.