Adult Disposable Incontinence Products

Finding the right incontinence products for you or your loved one can give you peace of mind knowing that wetting the bed is a thing of the past. As adult incontinence products have evolved, they become thinner, more absorbent, and discreet. Proper fit and protection are available to everyone, no matter shape, size, or level of incontinence. Finding the correct incontinence product depends on many factors such as lifestyle, type of incontinence, and preferred style. Comfort, dignity, and optimal skin health are always top priorities.

Selecting the Right Incontinence Protection

BRIEFS (sometimes referred to as diapers with tape tabs)
Adult briefs provide a high level of protection from both urine and stool. These products are best suited for those with limited activity and mobility, dependent for care, and or hard to fit.

Protective underwear can range from light to overnight absorbency. They are soft, form-fitting, and can be worn under clothing discreetly. Protective underwear is available in a wide range of designs from unisex, gender-specific with target wetness areas, and ones specifically designed for overnight comfort and security.


The cut and fit of incontinence products can vary by manufacturer, size, and absorbency level. There are a lot of different products available to make living with incontinence less stressful. When selecting the best product for you, there are a few things to consider:

FIT – Adult incontinence products come in a wide range of sizes and are designed with different features. To get the best results, products should fit the body close, lay flat against the skin, and have no gaps or folds. Bigger is not always better when it comes to briefs and underwear. Leakage can occur so be sure to choose a product that is not too large, has the right level of protection, and a fit that most similarly resembles your body style.

ABSORBENCY – Adult incontinence products vary in absorbency from light protection for dribbles, to the highest level of absorbency for overnight comfort. Absorbency can be represented on packaging as Light, Moderate, Heavy, and Super/Overnight.

Light Absorbency – Best for those individuals with infrequent leakage but require advanced protection.

Moderate – Slightly higher level of absorbency. Could be appropriate for those who are more incontinent, less mobile, or have trouble making it to the restroom in time for a full void.

Heavy – These products may work best for individuals that are fully incontinent of urine or stool, immobile, or dependent for care.

Super/Overnight - Can be used throughout the day and night. They are best suited for those who take high doses of diuretics, are unstable diabetics, and anyone who needs a product that will benefit from changing less often.

COMFORT There are lots of key components to finding the product that’s right for you. Unlike the old briefs you may be used to, today's incontinence products have upgraded features including breathable back sheets to allow for improved breathability, polymers that turn urine to gel, and soft top sheets to reduce irritation and skin breakdown.

DRYNESS Today’s briefs and protective underwear have advanced layers that help the urine quickly pull away from the skin, and turn urine to gel and lock it in, so your skin stays dry all day and night.

ODORGUARD Many products contain specialized materials that neutralizes urine odor, leaving the wearer feeling more confident and comfortable.

WETNESS INDICATORS Many briefs have a unique strip from top to bottom that allows the caregiver to quickly see if the brief has been soiled. Although the wetness indicator does not tell you whether the product needs changed, it does alert the caregiver to further investigate and determine if changing is necessary.

SIZING Absorbent products come in a variety of sizes. If the product is too large, it will not fit the body close and the wearer may experience leakage, sagging, skin irritation, and potentially a loss of dignity. Finding the proper fit will encourage fluid to absorb evenly, help reduce leakage, and be much more comfortable to wear.
Sizing charts are available, and size can be determined by either height or weight, or waist or hip size. Sizing can vary by brand so be sure to find the right fit for you.