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Ear & Eye Care

  • Debrox Ear Wax Remover Medtech Laboratories 04203710479

    Debrox Ear Wax Remover 0.5 oz. Dropper Bottle

    Package Count: 14.79For occasional use as an aid to soften, loosen and remove excessive earwaxSafe, gentle and nonirritatingKit includes soft rubber bulb ear syringe and drops½ oz

  • McKesson Ear Tips McKesson Brand 140-8

    McKesson Ear Tips Disposable

    Disposable tips to avoid cross-contamination between usesFor single use onlyIdeal for use with McKesson ear wash systems

    Starting at $15.99
  • McKesson Ear Basin McKesson Brand 140-1

    McKesson Ear Basin Reusable Kidney White

    Specially molded to fit under patient earAutoclavable up to 250°F or cold sterilizable according to the facilities’ standards and procedures for polypropyleneMay be used with McKesson Ear Wash Systems (MFR # 140-2, 140-3, 140-4 and 140-5)

    Starting at $6.99
  • McKesson Ear Wash System McKesson Brand 140-2

    McKesson Ear Wash System Blue

    Effective, economical, and easy solution to clean inside of patient earsIdeal for safe removal of ear wax and buildupFlexible tube design allows user to best position the earwash solution stream to conveniently achieve clean resultsTube attaches to spray...