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  • Embr Wave 2 Therapy Wristband Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-DEVC-BLK BAND-NYL-BLK

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Therapy Wristband

    Get everything you need for hot flash relief with this Embr Wave accessory pack! This bundle includes the black Embr Wave 2 bracelet and a replacement nylon strap for added style options.The Embr Wave 2 provides natural and safe relief from hot flashes...

  • Embr Wave 2 Therapy Wristband Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-DEVC-RG BAND-FLT-WHT CASE-TRV-BLK

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband with White Leather Strap, Travel Case

    Get everything you need for hot flash relief with this Embr Wave accessory pack! This bundle includes the Embr Wave 2 bracelet, a replacement strap for added style options, and a hardshell protective case for on-the-go use.The Embr Wave 2 provides...

  • Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly Vaginal Deodorant Cooper Surgical MX5030

    Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly

    Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly Vaginal Deodorant Vaginal 4 oz. 4 oz.

    The active ingredient of Trimo-San vaginal jelly – oxyquinoline sulfate – is recommended as an adjunctive therapy to restore and maintain vaginal acidity. Trimo-San coats the walls of the vagina with a lubricating film that helps reduce odor-causing...

  • U by Kotex Security Feminine Pad Kimberly Clark 53631


    U by Kotex Security Feminine Pad Ultra Thin with Wings

    Package Count: 36. U by Kotex Security Ultra Thin Pads with Wings provide up to 9 hours of XPRESS-DRI® protection with no harsh ingredients. These pads absorb 3X faster* than Always for trusted protection. The unique XPRESS-DRI® technology absorbs in...

  • Embr Wave 2 Comfort Band Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-BAND-NYL

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband Strap, Nylon Replacement Band

    Designed for everyday use, the Comfort Band provides maximum comfort while wearing your Wave 2. Woven nylon material is soft, breathable, and lightweight. A hook-and-loop closure makes adjustments easy.6g / 0.2 oz weight Wrist size (circumference):...

  • Embr Wave 2 Travel Case Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-CASE-TRV-BLK

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Travel Case for Thermal Wristband, Hard Shell Holder

    Protect your Embr Wave 2 wherever you go. With the Embr Wave 2 Travel Case, you won’t need to stress about packing your Wave into a backpack, purse, or suitcase. A hard shell on the outside and a silicone insert on the inside hold your Wave in place...

  • Embr Wave 2 Comfort Band Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-BAND-FLT

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband Replacement Strap - Vegan Leather

    Designed for when you want a style upgrade, this Vegan Leather Band is a touch of luxury for your Wave 2. Vegan leather material and a magnetic closure provide a snug fit, so you can own your temperature in any situation. This stylish band is the perfect...

  • incognito by Prevail Maternity Pad First Quality PVH-614


    incognito by Prevail Maternity Pad Maternity Pad with Wings

    Incognito by Prevail, a line of three-in-one feminine pads with multi-fluid technology, provide protection, discretion and support for life's many moments — particularly those women in their 30s and 40s experience in the aftermath of pregnancy and...

    Starting at $10.99
  • U by Kotex Click Tampon Kimberly Clark 53445


    U by Kotex Click Tampon

    U By Kotex® Click® tampons are comfortably compact with powerful protection. Pocket sized and with easy adjustments this tampon is designed to fit your lifestyle. Each comes individually wrapped in vibrant colors and patterns inspired by the latest...

    Starting at $15.08
  • U by Kotex Feminine Pad Kimberly Clark 03906


    U by Kotex® Security® Maxi Pad, Heavy Absorbency

    Get up to 10 hours of protection with no harsh ingredients. U by Kotex® Security® Maxi Pad allows for peace of mind with Trusted Protection™. They provide more absorption when it's needed most and absorbs in seconds to help stop leaks. One pack contains...

    Starting at $12.88
Feminine Care and Supplies Category Page

Today's market has a variety of feminine hygiene products for women. The key is to know what works best for your body and the benefits of each type of product, so you can choose what is most comfortable and convenient for you. There are many options available. For example, you can shop for products specifically for heavy or light flows, overnight protection, and more. Simply Medical offers a selection of feminine care products for women of all ages.

Pads and Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary napkins, more commonly called pads, are among the most used feminine hygiene products. Pads contain multiple layers to absorb menstrual flow and keep your clothes clean during menstruation. These are not to be confused with incontinence pads, which are designed for people with bladder control issues. Incontinence products are different from sanitary pads, as they are meant for blood instead of urine.

Sanitary pads cannot be worn in pools or bodies of water. Choose from a variety of brands, lengths, and absorbency capabilities. Some pads feature wings for a more secure fit, while others do not. Overnight pads provide a more robust level of protection and are designed with extra features to keep users dry all night long.

Maternity Pads: Maternity pads are softer, larger, and more absorbent than standard sanitary pads and can help control the heavy bleeding that often occurs after childbirth.

Tampons and Menstrual Cups
Tampons and menstrual cups collect flow during menstruation and are a potential alternative to pads. Many women will alternate between pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, depending on their individual needs. Ladies may also choose to wear multiple feminine care products at the same time, like using tampons and pads in conjunction.

Tampons:Tampons go into the vaginal canal, where they absorb menstrual flow for several hours. Unlike thin and bulky pads, tampons are more discreet and, for some women, more comfortable.

Tampons range in size and absorbency. However, tampons cannot be used for post-birth bleeding, so new mothers should stick with pads. Many women find that tampons are more convenient for them during workouts, sporting events, traveling, etc. They can be worn in the water while swimming.

Some younger women might find tampons to be intimidating at first. Following the product instructions for proper insertion can help new tampon users to become more comfortable and confident.

Menstrual Cups:Like tampons, menstrual cups are inserted into the vagina for several hours at a time to collect period blood. Period cups are typically made of medical-grade silicone or rubber and can last for years at a time. Once the cup is full, it is emptied into the toilet, wiped down and cleaned, then reinserted. While learning to insert and remove a menstrual cup takes a bit of practice, the advantage of the cups is that they are reusable.

The reusability of the cup is excellent for the environment and your wallet, as it means less waste and makes the cup a more affordable option. Menstrual cups have a higher upfront cost, but over time you save money because you don’t have to purchase pads or tampons each month to refresh your supply.

Period cups range in size and flexibility. Each brand should offer a guide for choosing the right size.

As a side note, if you have an IUD, you should talk to your doctor before choosing a menstrual cup to ensure the period device doesn’t dislodge your IUD.

Panty Liners
Panty liners can be used instead of pads or tampons during times of light flow or to provide additional protection when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. Liners are also handy when you want to protect your underwear lining throughout the month and avoid staining from vaginal discharge.

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