Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues
  • Surpass Facial Tissue Kimberly Clark 21340

    Kimberly Clark

    Surpass Facial Tissues, Soft, 2-Ply White Tissues - Flat Box, 100 Ct

    Maintain everyday cleanliness and hygiene with surpass white facial tissue. The flat box is easy to store or to place on a countertop, shelf or end table. Surpass facial tissues are made of a soft, 2-ply material that absorbs fluids while remaining...

    Starting at $8.98
  • Kleenex Boutique Facial Tissue Kimberly Clark 21270


    Kleenex Boutique Facial Tissues, Soft, 2-Ply - Cube Box, 95 Count

    Use Kleenex® Two-Ply Facial Tissue for high absorbency when blowing your nose or wiping your eyes. Its softness doesn't irritate the facial skin as it cleans. Each cube box dispenses one sheet of Kleenex® facial tissue at a time, preventing the waste of...

    Starting at $10.05
  • Angel Soft Professional Series Facial Tissue Georgia Pacific 48580

    Angel Soft

    Angel Soft Professional Series Facial Tissues, 2-Ply - Flat Box, 100 Ct

    Angel Soft professional series® facial tissue helps everyone keep themselves and their work or living space clean. It has a two-ply design that gives it the durability that it needs for use in offices, health care facilities and the hospitality sector...

    Starting at $9.04
  • Kleenex Facial Tissue Junior Kimberly Clark 21195


    Kleenex Tissues, Junior, 2-Ply - 5.5 in x 8.38 in

    Take care of yourself with Kleenex® Junior Two-Ply Facial Tissue for high absorbency as you blow your nose or dab your face. Its softness doesn't chafe the skin as it wipes. Each flat box dispenses one sheet of Kleenex® junior facial tissue at a time for...

    Starting at $9.32