Sponges & Pads

Sponges & Pads
  • McKesson Gauze Sponge McKesson Brand 16-42332


    McKesson 12-Ply Gauze Sponge 3 X 3'' Sterile 2 per Pack 2 per Pack

    Package Count: 2. McKesson Premium sterile USP Type VII gauze sponges help you manage wounds properly so they can heal. Each one is made from 100% high-grade cotton to feel soft and comfortable against skin. These 3 x 3-inch McKesson woven gauze sponges...

  • Sterilux Gauze Sponge Hartmann 56910000


    Sterilux 12-Ply Gauze Sponge 4 X 4'' Sterile 2 per Pack

    Sterile 12-ply premium gauze sponge is a universal wound dressing or a secondary dressing; wound cover; provides wound cleansing for dirty, infected wounds with a high level of exudate.Highly absorbent gauze Made with pure, clean cotton – no optical...

    As low as $8.99
  • McKesson NonWoven Sponge McKesson Brand


    McKesson Non-Woven Sponges, High Absorbency- 4-Ply, Sterile, 4 x 4 in

    These nonwoven Polyester McKesson High-Absorbency sponges help protect wounds and promote proper healing. They're made from a blend of polyester and rayon, making them an alternative to cotton-based gauze or sponges. These McKesson gauze sponges are...

    As low as $11.03
  • Dukal Gauze Sponge Dukal


    Dukal Gauze Sponge Pads, 12-Ply Cotton - Sterile, Square

    Made from 100% woven cotton, this Dukal Square 12-Ply Sterile Gauze Sponge is ideal for quality care. The 12-ply design provides a multi-layer softness.Made from 12-ply 100% woven cotton to accommodate a range of applications Ideal for situations where...

    As low as $145.76
  • Curity USP Type VII Gauze Sponge Cardinal


    Curity Gauze Sponges, 8-Ply Cotton - USP Type VII

    Curity gauze sponges are well suited for variety of applications; wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, wound packing and debriding.8 ply USP Type VII gauze Well suited for variety of applications: wound dressing, general cleaning, minor...

    As low as $9.89
  • Dermacea IV Dressing Cardinal 441407


    Dermacea IV Drain Sponges, 6-Ply, Sterile - Non-Woven, 4 in x 4 in

    Drain sponges are used to absorb liquid from wound sites and other areas that require removal of unwanted liquified matter.Made of a synthetic blend of rayon and polyester that helps provide fast wicking action and superior absorbency Pre-cut T-slit...

    As low as $12.03
  • Hartmann Econolux Gauze Sponge Hartmann 416105


    Econolux Gauze Sponges, 12-Ply Cotton - Sterile, 4 x 4 Inch

    Quality material meets low-linting, high-value needs. For use in wound cleansing, debriding of wounds, wound packing, covering and swabbing.12 ply Packaged in sterile 2s Sterility assured by peel-back pouch Folded edges prevent linting and unraveling

    As low as $11.78
  • dynarex Split Sponge Dynarex 4610


    Dynarex IV Sponges, 6-Ply, Sterile - Non-Woven, 2 in x 2 in

    Dynarex IV sponges are a nonwoven dressing which has been pre-cut to fit around most IVs and tubes, eliminating the need for additional instruments.Highly absorbent Less linting than standard gauze Packaged in peel-down pouches for convenient aseptic...

    As low as $12.24
  • Curity Split Sponge Cardinal 6241


    Curity IV Sponges, 6-Ply - Sterile, 2 in x 2 in

    I.V./drain split dressing has a pre-cut notch conforms well around drains, catheters, chest tubes, IVs and tracheostomies.6-ply, absorbent gauze Eliminates the need for sterile scissors, conserves nursing time

    As low as $15.86
Sponges and Pads

Sponges and pads are an integral part of wound care, and those caring for a wound either for themselves or others will often find themselves needing to restock. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, here’s what your need to know about sponges and pads.

Sponges and Their Use

Sponges tend to absorb more than pads and are used in various wound care settings, including cleaning, debriding, and packing a wound. Sponges are useful for highly exudative (wet) wounds and can also apply ointment or medication when combined with other dressings.

Gauze sponges come in various sizes ranging from 2x2 inches for smaller-sized wounds such as minor burns or ulcers to 4x8 inches for more extensive wounds like surgical incisions. For good wound care, the size of the sponge needs to be larger than the size of the wound to provide coverage and protection.

There is usually more than one sponge in a pack because they need frequent changes. A healthcare provider will likely advise you about how often to change the sponge. When in doubt, redress the wound with a new sterile sponge if you see exudate seeping through the sponge or around the wound.

Drain Sponge: A drain sponge, also known as a split sponge, has a pre-cut slit that fits around drains, catheters, chest tubes, IVs, and more. Your healthcare provider may recommend a combination of sponge and drain gauze.

Sponge Materials

The main types of sponges are:

  • Gauze: Gauze sponges are made from several layers of woven material, usually cotton, to help increase absorbency. Gauze sponges can be woven or gauze.
  • Woven: Manufacturers weave the gauze to help promote the movement of fluid away from the wound and deeper into the dressing.
  • Non-Woven: To allow for more absorbency
  • Polyester/Rayon Blend: Polyester/rayon blend sponges are very absorbent and are a great alternative to gauze. If you are looking for a drain sponge specifically, consider a polyester/rayon blend drain sponge for better absorbency.

  • Pads and Their Use

    Pads tend to be thinner than sponges and, therefore, less absorbent. Pads are ideal for dressing wounds with no or minimal fluid. Your healthcare provider may recommend pads vs. sponges, depending on the wound type and your health history.

    Gauze pads come in various sizes ranging from 2x2 inches for minor wounds to 6x8 inches for more extensive wounds. As with sponges, the size of the pad should be larger than the size of the wound to provide protection.

    Pads are often packaged individually and may be labeled as ‘sterile’ or ‘non-sterile. If you are unsure which is the best option, choose a sterile gauze pad to protect your wound from bacteria.

    Pad Materials

    Most wound care pads are made from gauze because it is both absorbent and comfortable. In some cases, the pad may be impregnated with medication or moistened with saline. For instance, if you are dealing with a completely dry wound, a few drops of saline on the pad can help provide a moist environment, ideal for wound healing.

    Ply Options

    Both sponges and gauze pads are available in different ply, which refers to the number of layers within the gauze pad with higher ply numbers indicating increased thickness. Standard ply sizes range from 4 plies to 12 plies; 4 ply is good for mild or moderately exudative wounds, while 12 plies are ideal for highly exudative wounds.

    Your healthcare provider will typically advise about the specific wound care procedures and materials; with wound care and other medical care, it is always recommended that you follow the instructions given by your healthcare provider.