Heel, Elbow Braces & Supports

  • Prevalon Heel Protector I Heel Protection Boot Sage Products 7305


    Prevalon Heel Protector I Black Heel Protection Boot

    Package Count: 8. Heels are a vulnerable area for bedsores, also known as pressure injuries. Prevalon Heel Protector II keeps the heel off the mattress to relieve pressure for individuals spending a lot of time in bed. Soft, adjustable straps position...

  • AliMed Adjustable Heel Lift Alimed 60404/NA/NA/MD


    AliMed Heel Lift for Achilles Tendonitis/Plantar Fasciitis, 1/8 in

    AliMed adjustable heel lifts allow you to add up to ⅜-inch of lift instantly or peel away one or two layers to create a ¼-inch or ⅛-inch lift. Resilient rubber layers maintain their corrective lift while still helping absorb shock at heel strike. These...

  • HEELBO Heel Protector Mabis Healthcare D 12041


    HEELBO Heel Protector Sleeve - Flexible Foam Pad, 2XL

    Heelbo helps reduce shear and friction to heels and elbows.Flexible stretch weave allows skin to breathe and retains shape after repeated use Sewn-in contoured foam pad eliminates rolling and binding Machine washable but recommended for single use Color...

  • Span America Heel Protector Span America 50077-111

    Span America

    Span America Foam Heel Protector Pad, Blue, One Size Fits Most

    The Span America Heel Protector provides protection to users with moderate risk. Made of foam this heel protector provides the wearer with comfort. Receive one pair each or 20 pairs per case.Adjustable strap allows for secure fit Provides comfort and...

  • Prevalon Heel Protector I Heel Protection Boot Sage Products 7305


    Prevalon Heel Protection Boot - Pressure Relief for Heel Pain

    Heels are a vulnerable area for bedsores, also known as pressure injuries. Prevalon Heel Protector II keeps the heel off the mattress to relieve pressure for individuals spending a lot of time in bed. Soft, adjustable straps position the foot and ankle...

  • Heelbo Heel / Elbow Protector Sleeve Mabis Healthcare D 12038


    HEELBO Heel/Elbow Protection Sleeve - Ulcer Prevention

    Helps reduce shear and friction to heels and elbows. Flexible stretch weave allows skin to breathe, fits comfortably and slips on easily.Effectively treats and helps prevent dermal ulcers on heels, elbows and knees Comfortable to wear Allows skin to...

    Starting at $13.99
  • Skil-Care Heel Float II Heel Protector Skil-Care 503035


    Skil-Care Heel Protection Pad, Anti-Foot Drop, 4 in

    SkiL-Care™ Heel-Float is a specially designed heel float boot used for treating heel ulcers. These heel boots serve as heel protection for bedridden individuals. This pressure relieving boot off-loads the heel by suspending the injured heel over an air...

  • Prevalon Heel Protector Boot Sage Products 7300


    Prevalon Pressure-Relieving Hell Protector Boot, One Size

    To address the risk of heel pressure injury, you need a solution that will keep the heel offloaded, or elevated off the support surface. Whether it’s protecting the heels of your surgical or bedbound patients, we offer a variety of products to meet your...

    Starting at $84.77
  • McKesson Heel Protector McKesson Brand 16-7305


    McKesson Heel Protector Boot - Pressure Relief for Heel Pain

    Designed to offload pressure from the heel of a non-ambulatory individual to help prevent decubitus ulcers on the bony heel area of the foot.One size fits most - 15 Inches by 11 Inches by 9.4 Inches Designed to offload pressure from the heel of a...

    Starting at $26.99
  • Skil-Care Ultra-Soft Heel Protection Pad Skil-Care 503030


    Skil-Care Heel Protection Pad, Reusable Padding - One Size

    SkiL-Care™ Ultra Soft Fiber Filled Heel Cushion is used to help protect elderly users from pressure sores. This heel protector has a liner made with brushed polyester fabric that offers a low-friction surface for improved heal protection. This ultra-soft...

  • McKesson Heel Protector Pad McKesson Brand 136-28656


    McKesson Decubitus Care Pads - Convoluted Foam Heel Protection Pad

    Protects against hard surface contact. Its hook and loop strap for secure placement.Size: 6½ Inches by 6½ Inches Protects against hard surface contact Hook and loop strap helps ensure a secure fit around the ankle Packaged in pairs

    Starting at $5.99

Heel, Elbow Braces & Supports

Elbow braces are wearable medical devices that limit the movement of and provide support to the elbow joint. An elbow brace or support is a common recommendation for those recovering from an acute elbow injury or for people suffering from chronic elbow pain due to a repetitive use injury. Some athletes find that wearing elbow supports helps protect them from injury or re-injury. 

Common Conditions that Might Require an Elbow Brace

While an elbow brace might be necessary during recovery from some orthopedic surgeries, they typically are for minor injuries. Common reasons for wearing an elbow brace or support include:

  • Tendonitis - This is a repetitive strain injury involving one or more of the tendons located at the elbow.
  • Tennis or golfer's eblox - These are repetitive strain injuries causing pain on the outer (tennis elbow) or inner (golfer’s elbow) side of the elbow.
  • Osteoarthritiss - This is a painful condition involving the breakdown of the cartilage covering the joint surfaces.
  • Bursitis - Bursitis is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac that cushions the joint.
  • Strains and sprains - These are acute injuries to the tendons (strain) or ligaments (sprain) of the joint.
  • Hyperextended elbow - Hyperextension occurs when the elbow is pushed past its normal range of motion and causes the joint to become unstable.

Types of Elbow Braces

There are a variety of elbow braces available for different needs, such as:

  • Compression sleeves are made of durable elastic fabric such as spandex and provide light support. They gently compress the entire joint and allow a full range of motion. Compression sleeves may be useful for arthritis pain relief, sprains and strains, or sports support to prevent injury.
  • Elbow straps are adjustable and provide varying levels of support. They consist of a solid strap made of neoprene or similar material and usually have a Velcro closure. They are worn on the forearm directly below the elbow and put pressure on the tendons inside and outside the elbow. Elbow straps are appropriate for tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and other forms of elbow tendonitis. They are commonly used for elbow support during sports, as well.
  • Semi-rigid elbow braces. These consist of a sleeve that extends from the lower bicep to the upper forearm like compression sleeves. However, they are made of sturdier material. They include heavyweight adjustable straps on both ends for adjusting the level of support and extra padding and compression over the point of the elbow. This type of brace is appropriate for bursitis, hyperextended elbow, and sprains and strains.
  • Hinged elbow brace. This is a rigid type of elbow brace that is hinged at the joint. It severely limits the joint’s range of motion and may be appropriate after surgery or for more severe cases of hyperextension.

Elbow and Heel Supports

Another type of support is the elbow and heel protector. Elbow and heel protectors are available in padded sleeve form and as strap-on protective pads and can be used interchangeably. While the sleeve-type protector does provide some light support, the primary purpose is to protect the skin at the elbow from pressure sores.

Simply Medical offers many types of heel and elbow supports to fit your needs. Explore all our options and order online for convenient home delivery.