Heel, Elbow Braces & Supports

  • Cradle-Lite Heel / Elbow Protection Sleeve Bird & Cronin 08141424


    Cradle-Lite Reusable Heel Elbow Protection Sleeve Cranberry Red

    The Cradle-Lite™ Elbow and Heel Protectors provide skin protection from abrasions. The breathable foam pad in the bend of the sleeve allows for air flow and extra cushion where it's needed. Simply slide on the snug fit sleeve without any complicated ties...

    As low as $21.25
  • IMAK RSI Elbow Support Brownmed A10172


    IMAK RSI Blue Elbow Support, Left or Right Elbow

    Elbow PM offers exceptional comfort while gently immobilizing your elbow, preventing painful movements while you sleep. It is a leading brace for nighttime relief of cubital tunnel syndrome, or pain relating to pressure on the ulnar nerve. The soft...

  • Spark Kinetic Elbow Support Brownmed 40416

    Spark Kinetic

    Spark Kinetic Elbow Support Sleeve Black, Small

    Combines the benefits of kinesiology tape and compression in one easy to use, comfortable sleeve Embedded kinesiology tape design enhances compression and support over targeted areas Compression designed for performance and comfort Grip-track banding...

    As low as $26.99
  • Heelbo Orthotic Boot Replacement Liner Mabis Healthcare D 12004


    Heelbo Orthotic Boot Replacement Liner Regular

    MABIS® HeelBoot™ Replacement Liner can keep your current fracture boot functional and comfortable when the original liner becomes worn. The soft washable fleece liner is embedded with antimicrobial solution to fight against bacteria. This liner can be...

  • Posey Heel / Elbow Protector Tidi Products 6224L


    Posey Reusable Heel Elbow Protector White Large

    Posey® Heel and Elbow Protectors are designed for those requiring comfort and/or protection against abrasions from contact surfaces. This soft foam/knit sleeve easily slips on and provides comfort where it's needed most. The Knitted Heel/Elbow Protectors...

  • Green Drop Elbow Support Green Drop Compression LLC ELB-1451

    Green Drop

    Green Drop Elbow Compression Sleeve - Infused Support Brace

    Green Drop understands the impact of muscle or joint soreness on your daily life, whether you're a professional athlete or someone with physically demanding tasks. That's why we've created products suitable for a diverse audience, providing relief and...

    As low as $13.99
  • McKesson Heel Lift McKesson Brand 36282


    McKesson Male Heel Lift Passion Mocha Large Male 10 to 13

    McKesson's heel lift has the capability to offer three heights in one lift. It features a suede top and foam core. Simply peel layers to adjust the heel lift height from 3/8 to 1/4 to 1/8 inch. The heel lift can be used for leg length correction, pelvic...


Heel, Elbow Braces & Supports

Elbow braces are wearable medical devices that limit the movement of and provide support to the elbow joint. An elbow brace or support is a common recommendation for those recovering from an acute elbow injury or for people suffering from chronic elbow pain due to a repetitive use injury. Some athletes find that wearing elbow supports helps protect them from injury or re-injury. 

Common Conditions that Might Require an Elbow Brace

While an elbow brace might be necessary during recovery from some orthopedic surgeries, they typically are for minor injuries. Common reasons for wearing an elbow brace or support include:

  • Tendonitis - This is a repetitive strain injury involving one or more of the tendons located at the elbow.
  • Tennis or golfer's eblox - These are repetitive strain injuries causing pain on the outer (tennis elbow) or inner (golfer’s elbow) side of the elbow.
  • Osteoarthritiss - This is a painful condition involving the breakdown of the cartilage covering the joint surfaces.
  • Bursitis - Bursitis is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac that cushions the joint.
  • Strains and sprains - These are acute injuries to the tendons (strain) or ligaments (sprain) of the joint.
  • Hyperextended elbow - Hyperextension occurs when the elbow is pushed past its normal range of motion and causes the joint to become unstable.

Types of Elbow Braces

There are a variety of elbow braces available for different needs, such as:

  • Compression sleeves are made of durable elastic fabric such as spandex and provide light support. They gently compress the entire joint and allow a full range of motion. Compression sleeves may be useful for arthritis pain relief, sprains and strains, or sports support to prevent injury.
  • Elbow straps are adjustable and provide varying levels of support. They consist of a solid strap made of neoprene or similar material and usually have a Velcro closure. They are worn on the forearm directly below the elbow and put pressure on the tendons inside and outside the elbow. Elbow straps are appropriate for tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and other forms of elbow tendonitis. They are commonly used for elbow support during sports, as well.
  • Semi-rigid elbow braces. These consist of a sleeve that extends from the lower bicep to the upper forearm like compression sleeves. However, they are made of sturdier material. They include heavyweight adjustable straps on both ends for adjusting the level of support and extra padding and compression over the point of the elbow. This type of brace is appropriate for bursitis, hyperextended elbow, and sprains and strains.
  • Hinged elbow brace. This is a rigid type of elbow brace that is hinged at the joint. It severely limits the joint’s range of motion and may be appropriate after surgery or for more severe cases of hyperextension.

Elbow and Heel Supports

Another type of support is the elbow and heel protector. Elbow and heel protectors are available in padded sleeve form and as strap-on protective pads and can be used interchangeably. While the sleeve-type protector does provide some light support, the primary purpose is to protect the skin at the elbow from pressure sores.

Simply Medical offers many types of heel and elbow supports to fit your needs. Explore all our options and order online for convenient home delivery.