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Gowns and Scrubs

Browse Simply Medical’s supply of gowns and scrubs to stock up on everything on your list. Medical professionals need proper protective garments for surgeries, medical appointments, and day-to-day tasks. Shop for medical gowns and scrubs at Simply Medical.

We carry several different brands and styles so everyone can find something they like! Healthcare clinics and other medical offices need patient gowns for modesty and comfort during examinations and procedures. Shop Simply Medical’s reusable and disposable gowns and scrubs selection for a bulk office purchase.


Medical Professional Gowns
Simply Medical carries a variety of medical professional gowns, including isolation gowns, surgical gowns, and chemotherapy gowns.

Personal isolation gowns are ideal for keeping healthcare workers clean during their daily activities. This disposable gown should not be used in a surgical setting or anywhere significant exposure to bodily fluids or other hazardous fluids may be expected. Do not use in a clinical setting where Level 3 or 4 protection is warranted, or in any setting involving invasive procedures or where there is a high risk of contamination. The gowns are fluid-resistant and often have ribbed knit cuffs with elastic wrists to help avoid roll-up for better protection. The full-length, full-back unisex isolation gowns fit most adults.

Surgical gowns are specifically for use during procedures and surgeries. They are 100% fully impervious to protect doctors and nurses in the operating rooms. Some styles are fabric-reinforced, while others are non-reinforced.

Chemotherapy procedure gowns provide healthcare professionals with reliable protection while preparing or handling chemotherapy drugs. The gown materials and seams are tested against many chemotherapy drugs for the wearer’s protection.

Patient Gowns
Simply Medical’s adult exam gowns are ideal for keeping patients comfortable and protected while also maintaining their privacy during medical appointments and procedures. Choose between reusable patient exam gowns or disposable patient exam gowns. The unisex gowns have varying features depending on the brand and type you purchase.

Disposable gowns are ideal for busy hospitals and businesses with a large number of patient turnover. One of our best-selling disposable gowns features tear-resistant polyethylene layered between two sheets of soft, absorbent, premium tissue material. It features short sleeves and is secured with a waist tie for added comfort. Disposable gowns are single-use and most are made without natural rubber latex to accommodate those with latex allergies or sensitivities. Gowns usually provide knee-length privacy and help protect against fluid strike-through.

Reusable patient exam gowns are great choices for smaller practices that have the time to launder gowns after each use. Reusable gowns are more eco-friendly and durable than disposable versions.

We also offer exam and X-ray gowns, which are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of lengthy and multi-phasic procedures. They usually feature maximum room for arm and neck movements while retaining a high level of modesty and comfort.

Explore Simply Medical’s offering of scrub tops and pants. Scrubs are the uniform for a variety of professions: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dermatologists, aestheticians, masseuses, and more.

Scrub Tops
Simply Medical’s scrub tops come in a few different styles. One disposable scrub shirt that we carry is made from durable fluid-resistant material and designed for full coverage and comfort. Other options are reusable so you can wash them after each wear.

Scrub Pants
Find the right scrub pants for work. Our adult scrub pants come in a variety of options: most are unisex, but some are specifically for men or women. Some have cargo pockets on the right and left legs as well as two side inset pockets. Elastic waist backs and self-fabric drawcords can make the scrub pants more comfortable. Choose from a variety of color options. We carry a range of sizes, from extra-small to 2XL.

Shop Simply Medical’s gown and scrub category for all your uniform needs. Enjoy quick shipping and front door delivery!