Shaving Needs

  • McKesson Razor McKesson Brand 16-RZ15


    McKesson Razor Turquoise Triple Blade Disposable

    Remove facial hair or prepare skin for surgical operations with McKesson Triple Blade Disposable Razors. A trio of stainless steel blades gets close to the skin for thorough hair removal and a smooth shave. Ribbed, curved handles have an ergonomic shape...

    Starting at $4.49
  • McKesson Razor McKesson Brand 16-RZ24


    McKesson Razor Blue Single Blade Disposable

    These razors are ideal prep tools for removing hair before surgeries and procedures. They are specifically designed to reduce user irritation.Blue Double Edged Fixed head Sure grip razor handle White, snap-off protective razor cover Narrow razor teeth...

    Starting at $9.99
  • McKesson Razor McKesson Brand 16-RZ11


    McKesson Razor Blue Twin Blade Disposable

    Blue Lubricated strip Fixed head razor Unique arch blade housing helps ensure a close, clean shave Ribbed handle Flip-off blade cover for safety Single Patient Use

    Starting at $2.59
  • Afta Pre-Electric Pre-Shave Colgate 27656


    Afta Pre-Electric Pre-Shave Original Scent 3 oz. Flip Top Bottle

    This non-greasy, oil-free lotion helps soften beard hair and protect sensitive skin from razor burn. With the refreshing original scent, this lotion may be applied before using an electric razor for a closer, smoother shave. It is fast-drying and leaves...

    Starting at $2.39
  • Afta After Shave Colgate 129456


    Afta After Shave Fresh Scent 3 oz. Bottle

    Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed while helping guard against the drying effects of sun, wind, and weather. In addition to relieving dryness, this after shave will replace natural oils.Soothes skin irritated by shaving Fresh scent so you feel...

    Starting at $2.89
  • DawnMist Triple Play Razor Donovan Industries DR3886

    Dawn Mist

    DawnMist Triple Play Razor Teal Triple Blade Disposable

    Constructed with 3 Microedge blades, the DawnMist Triple Play plastic razor helps you enjoy a close shave without sacrificing comfort. The sturdy plastic handle features an ergonomic, curved design that fits nicely in your hand for an easy grip and...

    Starting at $5.99
  • McKesson Shaving Cream McKesson Brand 16-SCF11


    McKesson Shaving Cream Lavender Scent

    The McKesson shaving cream protects skin from irritation during shaving. It contains conditioners to moisturize skin and features a pleasant lavender scent.Aerosol Can Conditions and protects skin while shaving

    Starting at $1.99
  • dyna Care Razor Dynarex 4250


    dyna Care Razor Blue Twin Blade Disposable

    dynaCare Twin Blade Disposable Razor features 2 long-lasting, superior-quality blades for a close shave. The unisex design features a clear plastic guard, safely protecting the blades between uses.High-quality twin blades for long-lasting use Clear...

    Starting at $7.49
  • Personna Razor AccuTec Blades 75-0036-0000


    Personna Razor Triple Blade Disposable

    Package Count: 100. Face razors have three blades so it's not likely you'll miss any whiskers when using.Three blades for ultra-close shave Pivoting action head Lubricating strip reduces drag and irritation Comfort-coated for smooth shaves Removable...