Drapes & Sheets

Medical Drapes and Sheets
  • 3MIoban2 Surgical Drape 3M 6650EZ


    3MIoban2 Surgical Drape Yellow 17 W X 23 L Inch

    3M's Ioban 2 antimicrobial incise drapes effectively help prevent wound contamination. Evidence shows that applying an antimicrobial incise drape is a critical step in reducing the risk of wound contamination that may be associated with Surgical Site...

  • Stirrup Mates Stirrup Cover Principle Business Enterprises 9001

    Stirrup Mates

    Stirrup Mates Stirrup Cover

    Stirrup-Mates™ Foam OB/GYN Stirrup Covers keep users comfortable and warm with a soft foam material and fits most exam tables. Stirrup-Mates™ foam covers provide a nonslip surface keeping users safe and is ideal for those with latex sensitivities. One...

  • McKesson Orthopedic Drape Pack McKesson Brand 183-I86-09503-S


    McKesson Orthopedic Drape Pack

    McKesson single sterile drape packs' quality components are designed to deliver optimal protection and performance in creating and maintaining a sterile field during surgery. This alternative solution to custom packs provides flexibility to fit a wide...

    Starting at $69.99
  • McKesson Table Drape McKesson Brand 16-I80-13103-S


    McKesson Table Drape Blue 50 X 90 Inch

    McKesson zone-reinforced back table covers are intended for sterile covering of back tables in the operating room. They deliver optimal protection and performance for creating and maintaining a sterile field in surgery. The back table covers are...

    Starting at $11.41
  • McKesson General Purpose Drape McKesson Brand 18-823


    McKesson General Purpose Drape White 24 W X 40 L Inch 200 per Case

    Package Count: 200. McKesson general purpose drape is just the right size for breast surgery. Made of two-ply tissue, this breast drape does not have a cover, pouch, instrument holder, reinforcement, adhesive or fenestration.Two-ply tissue 40 inches...

Drapes and Sheets

Simply Medical’s collection of drapes and sheets is ideal for medical offices, hospitals, care homes, retirement communities, wellness and spa facilities, emergency services, and more.

Buy in bulk to cross everything off your shopping list at once. Whether you’re shopping for a large healthcare facility or a small doctor’s office, you can find what you need on our website.

Surgical Drapes
Simply Medical’s supply of surgical drapes includes designs made from high quality paper that provide optimal barrier and infection control. They help limit contamination of surgical incisions, surgical instruments, and the surgeon's hands.

Other versions are specifically designed with SMS fabric for fluid repellency to reduce strike-through and additional advanced-reinforcement fabric for high fluid absorbency around the fenestration to promote superior fluid management.

General Purpose Drapes
Prepare for physical examinations of patients with Simply Medical’s selection of general purpose drapes. They come in breathable, non-sterile, two-ply tissue. The delicate pebble-embossed design enhances the durability of the medical drape sheets to ensure privacy for any type of physical exam.

The exam drape sheets are slip-resistant and soft for comfort. Completely latex-free, these patient supplies are safe for use by people with sensitive skin or allergies. The patient drape sheets are generous in size, which provides a wide comfort zone to change or cover up at a clinic or hospital. Durable material lets patients move without the fear of tearing the material. Designed for single use, these sheets are disposable to help maintain a hygienic environment.

Stretcher Sheets
Simply Medical carries single-use, flat stretcher sheets that are convenient for a variety of uses, most specifically transporting patients. It is an ideal purchase for ambulances, volunteer EMS squads, hospitals, medical facilities, spas, and more.

The sheets are placed on a gurney before the patient lays down on it. They provide a clean surface and help absorb fluids during use, limiting stains and cross-contamination. Our single-use stretcher sheets are made from a blend of deluxe tissue and polyester material to make them soft against the patient's skin. In addition, they are sturdy so that they will hold up throughout the day or night and not tear during use. Each hospital stretcher sheet can fully cover surfaces for individuals of virtually all sizes. They're disposable for sanitation and convenient clean-up.

High quality but affordable, these sheets make it easy to transition from one patient to another. They keep stretchers and other pieces of equipment fresh and clean.

Shop Simply Medical for all your drape and sheets needs today!