Cast Padding

  • Albahealth Stockinette Alba Healthcare 81420


    Albahealth Tubular Stockinette 4 Inch X 25 Yard Cotton White

    The AlbaHealth cotton stockinette is a tubular bandage made from 100% woven cotton that helps provide complete coverage: Use as the innermost layer in lymphedema treatment applications to help wick away moisture and provide an adherence for additional...

  • Comprifoam Foam Padding Bandage BSN Medical 7529400


    Comprifoam Foam Padding Bandage White

    CompriFoam open cell foam bandage is ideal for padding under compression bandages for phlebological and lymphological indications. It is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression bandages over extremities, thus preventing constrictions...

  • 3M Synthetic Cast Padding 3M Ortho CMW02


    3M Synthetic Undercast Cast Padding 2 Inch X 4 Yard Polyester White

    A nonwoven polyester padding that is porous, highly conformable and strong, yet easy to tear. Suitable for use with all casting materials, plaster and synthetic.Spun Dacron polyester padding provides protection and comfort, while helping reduce water...

    Starting at $29.99
  • McKesson Stockinette McKesson Brand 16-4TS-325


    McKesson Tubular Synthetic Stockinettes - White, 3 in x 25 yd

    Use as a liner in an impervious stockinette or with orthopedic appliances.Knitted from high-grade yarn and inspected to guarantee consistent knit construction, cleanliness, and proper roll dimensions Designed for use with synthetic casting systems...

    Starting at $11.99
  • Webril Cast Padding Cardinal 2394-


    Webril Undercast Cast Padding 3 Inch X 4 Yard Sterile Cotton White

    Webril undercast padding provides cushioning and absorbs moisture while also aiding airflow, keeping the cast-wearer comfortable. The versatile roll can be used with both synthetic and plaster casting material. It will keep its consistency whether it's...

  • Webril II Cast Padding Cardinal 4221-


    Webril II Undercast Cast Padding 4 Inch X 4 Yard Cotton White

    Package Count: 12. 100% cotton undercast padding is ideal for use with synthetic or plaster casting material.Constructed of 100% cotton fibers with crimped finish for extra loft and conformability Strong and durable padding is easy to tear Porous to...

  • Webril Cast Padding Cardinal 3489


    Webril Undercast Cast Padding 6 Inch X 4 Yard Cotton White

    Webril™ 100% Undercast Padding provides cushioning and absorbs moisture while also aiding airflow, keeping the cast-wearer comfortable. The versatile roll can be used with both synthetic and plaster casting material. It will keep its consistency whether...

    Starting at $17.99
  • Protouch Synthetic Cast Padding BSN Medical 30-3051

    Protouch Synthetic

    Protouch Synthetic Undercast Cast Padding Synthetic White

    Made of synthetic fibers to retract moisture away from the skin to keep dry for patient comfort Soft, comfortable cushioning provides patient comfort Superb conformability eliminating ridges Excellent feathering for a smooth undercast surface High loft...

    Starting at $22.99
  • Artiflex Padding Bandage BSN Medical 904600


    Artiflex Undercast Padding Bandage 3.9 Inch X 3.3 Yard White

    Multi-purpose padding under padding bandage to ensure even distribution of pressure in multilayered bandaging for lymphedema 40% polyester/ 40% polypropylene / 20% polyethylene Non-absorbent, so padding effect is not compromised even in humid conditions...


Cast Padding

Where there is a need for a cast, there is also a need for cast padding. An intricate part of the casting process, cast padding adds comfort and protection to any cast, whether an elbow, knee, ankle, or wrist.

But what is cast paddings, and what are they for?

What Are Cast Paddings?

Cast paddings are padded materials used before the application of the cast to protect any joints or protrusions and other pressure points. They prevent irritation, rubbing, and the creation of sores caused by the cast rubbing against or roughly contacting the skin. Cast paddings can also be known as tubular stockinettes.

Whatever the material, cast paddings conform well to the contour of any limb and keep the skin in the cast both dry and comfortable.

What Is Undercast Padding Typically Made Of?

Undercast paddings are usually made with one of three combinations: 100% cotton material, a cotton blend including some form of viscous material and polyester, or a rayon cast padding. Cast padding comes in weights of 60-90 grams.

Cast padding is absorbent to maintain a dry environment in the cast while still allowing the skin to breathe. Cast padding also comes in varying lengths and can be wrapped in overlapping passes to provide even more protection.

What Are Common Applications for Cast Paddings?

Cast paddings, or tubular stockinettes, go under nearly any kind of plaster or fiberglass cast. When a cast contacts the skin, it can be abrasive, bruising, and can compromise the skin underneath. In some cases, this can cause sores or itching which makes the injury worse.

You would use heavier around joints like the knee or elbow, or around where a bone may protrude like the wrist or ankle. These areas can be especially sensitive inside a cast.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Cast paddings come in a variety of sizes to fit various limbs, joints, and everyone from children to the elderly. It is generally packaged for several uses (you might get several cast padding applications from a 25-yard pack, for example). The sizes include, but are not limited to:

  • 2 Inch X 25 Yard
  • 2 Inch X 4 Yard
  • 3 Inch X 4 Yard
  • 3 Inch X 25 Yard
  • 4 Inch X 4 Yard
  • 4 Inch X 25 Yard
  • 6 Inch X 4 Yard
  • 8 X 72 Inch

  • Choosing the right size of tubular stockinette depends largely on the location and size of the injury, the specific joints involved in the casting process, and the type of cast, whether plaster or fiberglass.

    Are There Different Varieties of Cast Paddings?

    Cast paddings come in a few different varieties. Those involve the type and thickness of the material, including rayon cast paddings, polyester cast paddings, and 100% cotton cast paddings. Most are certified latex-free to protect those who might have latex allergies.

    There are also sterile and non-sterile varieties of tubular stockinette available as well. If there is a surgical incision with the cast, sterile cast paddings are a must to prevent infection and further damage to the wound.

    As with any injury involving a cast, be sure to let your medical provider know about any fiber allergies. Watch the affected area for swelling, redness, loss of feeling, discoloration, or bruising, and be sure to consult a physician if any of these symptoms occur. Never use anything to itch under the surface of the cast, and never remove a cast without the help of a trained medical professional.