Mobility Aids

  • drive Cane / Crutch Tip Drive Medical RTL10320BK

    drive Cane Crutch Tip, For Cane / Crutch with ½ Inch Diameter

    Replacement rubber tip for Drive's small-base quad canes, such as model 10384. Black rubber tip will also work on crutches with ½-inch diameter tips.Replacement rubber tips are used to revitalize canes or crutches with ½-inch diameter to extend the...

    Starting at $14.99
  • drive Small Base Quad Cane Drive Medical 10316-4

    drive Silver Small Base Quad Cane, 500 lbs. Weight Capacity

    Made of aluminum tubing and a sturdy steel base, the drive Bariatric Quad Cane ensures stability and durability. It comes with vinyl, contoured hand grips that ensures comfort. The handle height of this cane can be adjusted from 30 inches to 39 inches as...

    Starting at $25.49
  • McKesson Caddy McKesson Brand 146-RTL10131

    McKesson Caddy, For Walker

    Durable plastic construction allows easy maintenance. Removable top lip conceals for safely storing all personal items. Easily attaches with side straps to fit most 2-button walkers.Allows walker user to carry personal items from room-to-room safely and...

    Starting at $17.99
  • McKesson Crutch Pillow McKesson Brand 146-RTL10355

    McKesson Crutch Pillow

    Crutch pillows are designed to provide a soft-cushioned surface for your hands and under arms while using crutches. They increase comfort for long-term crutch use. The Crutch Cushions are made from moisture-wicking material that keeps your skin dry,...

    Starting at $9.49
  • McKesson Folding Walker McKesson Brand 146-10210-4

    McKesson Adult Aluminum Folding Walker with Wheels

    This McKesson Folding Walker helps you get around your home or outdoor areas easily and safely. It has an aluminum frame that gives it strength and durability and ensures it will last a long time. Two 5-inch wheels on the front on this adult folding...

    Starting at $27.49
  • McKesson Underarm Crutches McKesson Brand 146-10427

    McKesson Child Underarm Crutches, Aluminum Frame

    175-lb weight capacity26 to 34 Inch Crutch Height3 Foot 7 Inch to 4 Foot User HeightLighter than wood, the standard aluminum crutch provides stability and durabilityDouble-extruded center tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing areaPushpin...

    Starting at $23.81
  • drive Small Base Quad Cane Drive Medical 10301-4

    drive Silver Small Base Quad Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    With a four-point base and an offset handle, the drive Quad Cane provides extra stability and support. The height of this small-base cane can be easily adjusted with the push of a button. Its sturdy construction allows the user to walk confidently on...

    Starting at $21.99
  • SkiL-Care Gait Belt Skil-Care 914380

    SkiL-Care Vinyl Gait Belt , 60 Inch Length

    PathoShield gait belts are plastic coated to control bacteria. The belt webbing fabric is coated with plastic to seal out contaminants. The sealed construction allows you to just spray with a disinfectant and wipe clean. This bacteria control gait belt...

    Starting at $17.99
  • Waffle Original Seat Cushion EHOB 2000WCXX120

    Waffle Original Air Cells Seat Cushion, Beige

    The EHOB Waffle® Original Seat Cushion comes with air venting holes that dissipate heat and moisture for comfort. Ideal for treating and preventing pressure ulcers, this cushion's low-profile design allows the user to safely get on and off the wheelchair...

    Starting at $29.49
  • drive Hemi Side Step Folding Walker Drive Medical 10240-1

    drive Hemi Side Step Folding Walker, Aluminum Frame

    Designed for individuals with the use of only one hand or arm, this hemi-walker is ideal for users who don't need a walker but need a wider base of support than a cane provides. Hemi-walker weighs only 4 lbs. which makes folding easy.Ideal for users who...