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Canes & Accessories

  • drive Cane Crutch Tip, For Cane / Crutch with ½ Inch Diameter

    Replacement rubber tip for Drive's small-base quad canes, such as model 10384. Black rubber tip will also work on crutches with ½-inch diameter tips.Replacement rubber tips are used to revitalize canes or crutches with ½-inch diameter to extend the...

  • McKesson Cane Tip McKesson Brand 146-RTL10320BKB

    McKesson Cane Tip, For Small Base Quad Cane with 1/2 Inch Diameter

    The Replacement Tips are designed to provide added stability and traction to your walking cane. With any product that is used often, wear and tear is inevitable. This cane tip allows you to replace your worn out cane tip without needing to replace the...

  • McKesson Round Handle Cane McKesson Brand 146-10302-6

    McKesson Silver Round Handle Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    With a simple yet sturdy design, the McKesson Aluminum Cane offers comfort and stability. Its small round handle with a vinyl grip is ideal for users with small hands. The height of the cane can be adjusted with the push of a button and supports a weight...

    Starting at $8.99
  • McKesson Small Base Quad Cane McKesson Brand 146-10301F-4

    McKesson Small Base Quad Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    The McKesson Quad Cane offers a combination of stability and maneuverability with its small-base design. Its four-legged base ensures stand-alone capability, providing users extra support to lean on without the fear of falling or tripping. This cane is...

    Starting at $16.99
  • McKesson Large Base Quad Cane McKesson Brand 146-10300-4

    McKesson Silver Large Base Quad Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    The McKesson Quad Cane helps the user walk independently and safely across most surfaces. It comes with a large base for added stability. The steel construction of this cane ensures durability and longevity. A single-push button with locking bolt allows...

  • McKesson Offset Cane McKesson Brand 146-RTL10306

    McKesson Offset Handle Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    Made of sturdy aluminum tubing, the McKesson Cane supports users up to 300 lbs. This offset-handle cane comes with a wrist strap and a soft foam rubber grip for comfort and stability. Its height can be easily adjusted from 30 to 39 inches as per user...

    Starting at $6.99