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  • Dynarex 8-Ply Gauze Sponge

    Nonsterile gauze sponges for a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping procedures. Cut edges folded in so there are no exposed raw edges.100% cotton gauzeSuperior quality with assured economyFor a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping...

  • Dynarex Gauze Sponge Dynarex

    Dynarex 12-Ply Gauze Sponge 200 per Pack

    Nonsterile gauze sponges for a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping procedures.For a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping proceduresNo exposed raw edges - cut edges folded in

  • McKesson Fluff Dressing McKesson Brand 16-4265

    McKesson Fluff Dressing 6 X 6-3/4'' Sterile 5 per Pack

    McKesson super sponges are lofty and bulky for added cushioning and wound protection. Use as a primary or secondary dressing.100% cottonFast-wicking and highly absorbentDiagonal foldConformablePacked in a soft traySterile

  • McKesson NonWoven Sponge McKesson Brand

    McKesson 4-Ply High Absorbency Non-Woven Sponge

    These McKesson nonwoven Square Sponges are a comfortable and effective way to treat, clean and dress wounds. They're made of a blend of polyester and rayon, making them a good alternative to cotton-based gauze. These McKesson gauze sponges are highly...

    Starting at $1.99
  • McKesson Gauze Sponge McKesson Brand

    McKesson 12-Ply Gauze Sponge Sterile 1 per Pack

    Providing reduced linting activity, this McKesson Square Sterile 12-Ply Cotton Gauze Sponge is made from 100% cotton. The cotton construction allows the gauze sponge to be used in wound dressing, cleaning, prepping and packing applications.100% cotton is...

    Starting at $4.99
  • Kerlix Fluff Bandage Roll Cardinal 6716

    Kerlix 8-Ply Fluff Bandage Roll Sterile

    Kerlix bandage rolls provide fast-wicking action, superior aeration, and excellent absorbency. They are made of prewashed, fluff-dried 100% woven gauze with crinkle-weave pattern for loft and bulk to cushion and protect wound areas. Finished edges on the...

    Starting at $4.99
  • McKesson Trauma Dressing McKesson Brand 16-4255

    McKesson Trauma Dressing Sterile

    McKesson trauma dressing is intended for use in first aid applications, e.g. lacerations, fractures, abrasions/burns, penetration wounds.SterileFor first aid applications: Lacerations, fractures, abrasions/burns, penetration woundsAbsorbentSingle use

  • Dynarex Fluff Bandage Roll Dynarex 3161

    Dynarex 6-Ply Fluff Bandage Roll Sterile

    Crinkle gauze roll has good absorption properties and helps to retain ointment, creams and wound discharge. It's made of washed woven gauze that's fluff dried for improved softness. The six-ply construction provides added protection, allowing for use as...

  • Curity USP Type VII Gauze Sponge Cardinal 6939

    Curity 12-Ply USP Type VII Gauze Sponge 4 X 4'' Sterile 10 per Tray

    These Gauze Sponges by Curity help you deal with a wound. They can be used to dress, clean or prep a wound thanks to their outstanding absorption and vertical wicking. The Curity gauze sponges are constructed of cotton, so they deliver a USP Type VII...

    Starting at $3.99
  • Dynarex Gauze Sponge Dynarex 3343

    Dynarex 12-Ply Gauze Sponge 4 X 4'' Sterile 2 per Pack

    Sterile gauze sponges are what you need for general cleaning, dressing and packing wounds.12 plyHighly absorbent, 100% cotton gauzeFolded edges minimize loose threads and lintPackaged in peel-down pouches for aseptic handling2s packed in open dispenser...

  • Dermacea IV Dressing Cardinal 441408

    Dermacea Drain Sponge 2 X 2'' Sterile

    Dermacea IV Drain Sponge is a synthetic wound care sponge that is a blend of rayon and polyester, which makes it ideal dressing for chest tubes, IV's and tracheotomies.The unique pre-cut T-slit conforms snugly around drains, catheters, chest tubes, I.V...

    Starting at $5.99