Neck, Clavicle & Shoulder Braces

  • McKesson Shoulder Immobilizer McKesson Brand 155-79-84100C

    McKesson Gray Shoulder Immobilizer

    McKesson's premium shoulder immobilizer provides support and immobilization of the shoulder and arm commonly required following surgery, traumatic injury, or cast removal. The low-profile immobilizer features a soft fiber laminate material constructed of...

  • Ossur Philadelphia Rigid Cervical Collar Ossur PHP-AA

    Ossur Philadelphia Beige Rigid Cervical Collar

    Two-piece foam adjustable cervical collar indicated for post-trauma; herniated cervical disc; cervical spondylitis; post-operative; cervical spondylosis and RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and OA (cervical osteoarthritis) cervical spin.X-ray, CT, MRI...

  • McKesson Cervical Collar McKesson Brand 146-RTLPC23289

    McKesson White Cervical Collar

    This McKesson cervical collar helps provide support and comfort for the relief of muscle, tendon, ligament or soft tissue injury of the neck. Collar restricts neck motion helping to relieve neck discomfort or strain.Provides firm, comfortable...

    Starting at $5.99
  • Ambu Perfit ACE Extrication Cervical Collar Ambu 281000

    Ambu Perfit ACE White Extrication Cervical Collar

    16 sizes in one collar from neckless (size 3) to tall (size 6)Flat storageRadio translucent, CAT & MRI compatibleDesigned to assist with the maintenance of neutral alignment, prevention of lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the...

    Starting at $9.89
  • Stifneck Select Extrication Cervical Collar Laerdal Medical 980010

    Stifneck Select Multi-color Extrication Cervical Collar

    The Laerdal Stifneck select extrication collar is four different collars in one. It stabilizes spinal patients correctly and easily with four different sizing options that all lock quickly and safely into place.Locks ensure selected sizes stay in...