Meal Replacement & Supplements

  • Boost Original Oral Supplement Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 43900169729


    Boost Original Balanced Nutritional Drink 8 oz Carton

    Shake-like nutritional drink provides nutritional support for adults with inadequate food intake, reduced appetite, malnutrition, or need of food replacement or interim sole-source nutrition.Boost nutritional supplement drinks provide nutritional support...

  • Peptamen Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 00798716162692


    Peptamen Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton

    Package Count: 24. The Peptamen® Adult Tube Feeding Formula helps improve outcomes in individuals with compromised gastrointestinal health. It's specifically prepared for those who experience difficulty in processing and assimilating enough nutrients...

  • Impact Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10043900358106


    Impact Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton

    Package Count: 24. Impact® formula is a complete source of nutrition specifically designed to help meet the increased nutritional demands placed on the body by major surgery and trauma. It contains a blend of arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, and...

  • Peptamen with Prebio1 Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10798716228043


    Peptamen with Prebio1 Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Peptamen® with PREBIO 1™ peptide-based formula is a nutritionally complete peptide-based gastrointestinal formula specifically designed for people who cannot digest or absorb nutrients from conventional foods. Balanced peptide profile...

  • Compleat Spike Right Plus Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10043900141807


    Compleat Spike Right Plus Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Provides nutritional support for individuals which may help address feeding intolerance common in individuals with developmental disabilities, long term tube feeding regimen for those who desire a real food component, or malnutrition...

  • Peptamen 1.5 Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10798716281949


    Peptamen 1.5 Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Peptide-based, calorically dense, nutritionally complete formula. Provides nutritional support for individuals with impaired GI function: shortened feeding schedules, elevated protein requirements, fluid/volume restrictions,...

  • Diabetisource AC Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition


    Diabetisource AC Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton

    Diabetisource Advanced Control complete nutrition tube feeding formula contains a unique carbohydrate blend that includes pureed fruits and vegetables to help with the nutritional management of blood glucose levels.Carbohydrate blend includes pureed...

    Starting at $5.99
  • ProSource TF Tube Feeding Formula Medtrition/National Nutrition


    ProSource TF Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 45 mL Pouch

    Specifically for the tube feed administration to meet the protein needs of the critically ill or those with increased protein needs such as malnutrition, protein energy malnutrition, fluid restricted diets, cachexia and hypoalbuminemia.11 Grams of...

    Starting at $2.49
  • Nutren 1.0 Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition


    Nutren 1.0 Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton

    Nutren 1.0 Complete Nutrition is designed for use as a short- or long-term tube feeding.Calorically dense, nutritionally complete, tube feeding formula for increased energy requirements and/or restricted fluid volume High-quality casein and soy protein...

  • Compleat Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition


    Compleat Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton

    Compleat provides the equivalent of 1 cup equivalent of fruits and vegetables per complete feeding (1400 mL). Compleat formula includes a variety of ingredients from real foods such as protein from milk, chicken, and peas as well as fruit and vegetable...

    Starting at $5.99
  • Isosource 1.5 Cal Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition


    Isosource 1.5 Cal Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton

    Isosource 1.5 Cal is a calorically dense formula containing IS50, a blend of insoluble and prebiotic soluble fibers to help support digestive health and normal bowel function. Isosource 1.5 Cal is formulated for patients who have elevated caloric and...

    Starting at $2.99

Meal Replacements & Supplements

When you or a loved one has a health concern or injury that makes it difficult to eat, liquid meal replacements can help you get the nutrients you need. You can take meal replacements orally as a fortified beverage or through enteral feeding or tube feeding.

Why Use Meal Replacements?

There are many reasons someone may need meal replacements. For example, if you have a hard time eating enough food, liquid meal replacements can help you get the calories and nutrients your body needs.
You may consider meal replacements if:

  • You’re experiencing weight loss.
  • You have health issues that make it difficult to chew.
  • You risk malnourishment.
  • You have poor digestion or impaired GI function.
  • Your risk malabsorption.
You can take these liquid formulas as supplements to help you maintain weight, support bowel function, improve wound healing, and ensure you have all the nutrients you need. Meal replacements can also be your only source of nutrition.

When is Tube Feeding Used?

If you cannot take meal replacements orally, tube feeding can help you meet your nutritional needs. Enteral feeding delivers nutrients directly to your GI tract by placing a feeding tube in the mouth or nose or directly into the stomach through the abdomen. Reasons you may use enteral feeding include:

  • An illness or injury that reduces your energy, making it harder to eat.
  • Cancer or other illnesses that can cause nausea, vomiting, and fatigue.
  • An illness that makes it difficult or unsafe to swallow.

What Nutrients Can You Get in Meal Replacements?

Meal replacements and tube feeding formulas contain everything your body needs. This includes calories, fluids, protein, fat, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Taking liquid meal replacements as directed will meet your recommended daily intake of all essential nutrients. Most formulas are also lactose- and gluten-free.

You can drink a meal replacement several times a day, just like you would eat a meal. Or your physician may recommend continuous feedings that send small amounts of tube feeding formula into your stomach over several hours. These meal replacements can support long-term or short-term nutrition.

Choosing Meal Replacements and Tube Feeding Formulas

Liquid meal replacements, whether taken orally or through a tube, offer calorically dense nutrition, but each formula has a different balance of nutrients. When choosing meal replacements and tube feeding formulas, compare products to find a formula that meets your caloric needs.

Some meal replacements promote bowel health, treat malnutrition, or regulate blood pressure. Others help people with kidney failure or improve wound recovery and tissue repair. Some formulas are meant to replace all your meals, and others are meal supplements. Tube feeding formulas have a unique balance of nutrients tailored to help particular patients.

Talk to Your Doctor

When using meal replacements, it’s important to rely on quality products that ensure you’re getting complete nutrition. The wrong formula can lead to poor health outcomes. It could also leave you missing an important nutrient your body needs. Before you purchase meal replacements, talk to your doctor about which ones are right for you.