Meal Replacement & Supplements

Meal Replacements & Supplements
  • Herb-Ox Instant Broth Hormel Food Sales 23371


    Herb-Ox Beef Flavor Bouillon Flavor Instant Broth 8 oz Packet

    A clear liquid diet is often used before tests, procedures or surgeries that require no food in the stomach or intestines, such as before colonoscopy. It may also be recommended as a short-term diet for certain digestive problems, such as nausea,...

    Starting at $16.82
  • Kate Farms Standard 1.4 Oral Supplement Kate Farms 811112030430

    Kate Farms

    Kate Farms Standard 1.4 Vanilla Oral Supplement 11 oz. Carton

    Package Count: 12. Gaining or maintaining weight can be difficult, especially when you aren't able to tolerate large volumes of food. Kate Farms Standard 1.4 is a higher calorie shake with USDA organic protein designed to support weight gain and...

  • Real Food Blends Tube Feeding Formula Real Food Blends

    Real Food Blends

    Real Food Blends Tube Feeding Formula 9.4 oz. Pouch

    100% real food, blenderized meals for people on feeding tubes Ready to use for bolus (syringe) feeding No refrigeration needed Shelf-stable for 3 years from date of manufacturing All Real Food Blends meals are thicker than traditional enteral formulas,...

    Starting at $15.11
  • Impact Peptide 1.5 Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10043900973712


    Impact Peptide 1.5 Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Impact Peptide 1.5 is a high protein, peptide-based, nutritionally complete tube feeding formula supplemented with arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, and nucleotides. It provides nutritional support for individuals at risk of infection...

  • Peptamen 1.5 with Prebio1 Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10043900349579


    Peptamen 1.5 with Prebio1 Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Peptamen with Prebio1 peptide-based formula is a nutritionally complete peptide-based gastrointestinal formula specifically designed for people who cannot digest or absorb nutrients from conventional foods. Balanced peptide profile...

  • Vivonex RTF Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10043900362806


    Vivonex RTF Unflavored Complete Elemental Nutrition 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Vivonex RTF Complete Elemental Nutrition is a nutritionally complete, 100% free amino acid formula for the nutritional support of people with impaired gastrointestinal function. Vivonex RTF requires minimal digestive functionality for...

  • Isosource HN Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10043900184804


    Isosource HN Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Isosource HN (High Nitrogen) Complete Nutrition is a high-protein, tube-feeding formula providing 1.2 calories per mL and 54 grams of protein per 1000 mL.Nutritionally complete tube feeding formula for normal or elevated calorie and/or...

  • Nutren Pulmonary Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 10798716223925


    Nutren Pulmonary Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 33.8 oz Bag

    Package Count: 6. Nutren Pulmonary is a nutritionally complete formula designed to support lower carbon dioxide production in those with chronic pulmonary disease. Balanced fat profile includes canola oil and approximately 40% medium-chain triglycerides...

  • Boost Very High Calorie Oral Supplement Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 43900894348


    Boost Very High Calorie Complete Nutritional Drink 8 oz Carton

    With 170 more calories than Boost Plus, Boost VHC contains more calories than any other Boost nutritional drink. It provides nutritional support for individuals with increased energy needs, fluid restriction, volume sensitivity or malnutrition...

    Starting at $54.49
  • Kate Farms Standard 1.0 Oral Supplement / Tube Feeding Formula Kate Farms

    Kate Farms

    Kate Farms Standard 1.0 Oral & Tube Feeding Formula 11 oz Carton

    Kate Farms Standard 1.0 is a complete nutrition formula well-suited for a wide range of medical and dietary needs. It's delicious when enjoyed for added nutrition and may also be used for tube feeding.Each 325 mL carton provides 325 calories and delivers...

  • Peptamen Tube Feeding Formula Nestle Healthcare Nutrition 00798716162692


    Peptamen Unflavored Tube Feeding Formula 8.45 oz Carton 24 per Case

    Package Count: 24. The Peptamen Adult Tube Feeding Formula helps improve outcomes in individuals with compromised gastrointestinal health. It's specifically prepared for those who experience difficulty in processing and assimilating enough nutrients...

Meal Replacements & Supplements

When you or a loved one has a health concern or injury that makes it difficult to eat, liquid meal replacements can help you get the nutrients you need. You can take meal replacements orally as a fortified beverage or through enteral feeding or tube feeding.

Why Use Meal Replacements?

There are many reasons someone may need meal replacements. For example, if you have a hard time eating enough food, liquid meal replacements can help you get the calories and nutrients your body needs.
You may consider meal replacements if:

  • You’re experiencing weight loss.
  • You have health issues that make it difficult to chew.
  • You risk malnourishment.
  • You have poor digestion or impaired GI function.
  • Your risk malabsorption.
You can take these liquid formulas as supplements to help you maintain weight, support bowel function, improve wound healing, and ensure you have all the nutrients you need. Meal replacements can also be your only source of nutrition.

When is Tube Feeding Used?

If you cannot take meal replacements orally, tube feeding can help you meet your nutritional needs. Enteral feeding delivers nutrients directly to your GI tract by placing a feeding tube in the mouth or nose or directly into the stomach through the abdomen. Reasons you may use enteral feeding include:

  • An illness or injury that reduces your energy, making it harder to eat.
  • Cancer or other illnesses that can cause nausea, vomiting, and fatigue.
  • An illness that makes it difficult or unsafe to swallow.

What Nutrients Can You Get in Meal Replacements?

Meal replacements and tube feeding formulas contain everything your body needs. This includes calories, fluids, protein, fat, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Taking liquid meal replacements as directed will meet your recommended daily intake of all essential nutrients. Most formulas are also lactose- and gluten-free.

You can drink a meal replacement several times a day, just like you would eat a meal. Or your physician may recommend continuous feedings that send small amounts of tube feeding formula into your stomach over several hours. These meal replacements can support long-term or short-term nutrition.

Choosing Meal Replacements and Tube Feeding Formulas

Liquid meal replacements, whether taken orally or through a tube, offer calorically dense nutrition, but each formula has a different balance of nutrients. When choosing meal replacements and tube feeding formulas, compare products to find a formula that meets your caloric needs.

Some meal replacements promote bowel health, treat malnutrition, or regulate blood pressure. Others help people with kidney failure or improve wound recovery and tissue repair. Some formulas are meant to replace all your meals, and others are meal supplements. Tube feeding formulas have a unique balance of nutrients tailored to help particular patients.

Talk to Your Doctor

When using meal replacements, it’s important to rely on quality products that ensure you’re getting complete nutrition. The wrong formula can lead to poor health outcomes. It could also leave you missing an important nutrient your body needs. Before you purchase meal replacements, talk to your doctor about which ones are right for you.