Bedding & Cushions

  • SkiL-Care Decubitus Bed Pad Skil-Care 501050


    SkiL-Care Decubitus Bed Pad Natural Synthetic Sheepskin

    SkiL-Care™ synthetic sheepskin pads aid in reducing pressure and friction when lying down. These bed pads are super-soft, over an inch thick and promote circulation of air under the user. Receive a dozen 30 x 40 inch bed pads.Super-soft synthetic...

  • OakWorks Face Rest Cover Oakworks 52067


    OakWorks Face Rest Cover

    Package Count: 50. The Oakworks Face Rest Cover serves as a hygeinic barrier that not only protects the user but also the face rest of the table or chair. These fitted covers come 50 per box.Super soft and absorbent Protects your face rest Disposable...

  • Skil-Care Positioner Wedge Skil-Care 554010


    Skil-Care Positioner Wedge Blue , 17 W X 8 D X 8 H Inch

    Skil-Care’s Positioning Wedge is designed to promote proper hip-spine alignment, reduce sacral pressure to prevent the formation of pressure sores, and aid in the healing of existing sores. Soft and secure, the Position Wedge is more secure than a pillow...

  • WAFFLE Econocare Plus Mattress Overlay EHOB 1025ECPX060


    WAFFLE Econocare Plus Mattress Overlay Beige

    600-lb weight capacity 75 x 34 x 3½ inches The EHOB WAFFLE Overlay is your first line of defense for pressure injury prevention The design provides the caregiver a point-of-care solution with the versatility of patient handling and transferring, which...

    Starting at $61.99
  • Span America Mattress Overlay Span America SP35S-000

    Span America

    Span America Mattress Overlay Foam White Foam

    Made from high-quality, combustion modified polyurethane foam Standard density Compression rolled for efficient storage Convoluted, or "eggcrate", overlays are recognized for comfort, not pressure management

    Starting at $28.99
  • McKesson Bed Pillow McKesson Brand 41-1824-F


    McKesson Disposable Pillows - Single-Use, White, 21 oz, 18 in x 24 in

    MeKesson Disposable Pillows are a single-use pillow designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They are best for outpatient, critical care or patient rooms. Each are breathable and soft for sleeping and sturdy and easy care when not in use.White...

    Starting at $2.99
  • Mabis Healthcare Donut Seat Cushion Mabis Healthcare 513-8016-2400


    Mabis Healthcare Donut Seat Cushion Navy , 13 W X 16 D X 3 H Inch

    Contoured foam ring cushions are one-piece, contoured foam cushions that provide support when sitting for an extended period of time. These seat cushions are often used as hemorrhoid cushions or perineal cushions to reduce pressure point discomfort. As a...

  • McKesson Pillowcase McKesson Brand 16-MS400


    McKesson Disposable Pillowcase - Strong, Durable, Soft Pillow Cover

    Nonwoven, disposable pillowcase.Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from staple fiber and long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The term is used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote...

  • McKesson Pillowcase McKesson Brand 18-917


    McKesson Disposable Pillowcase - Soft Tissue with Moisture Barrier

    The McKesson disposable pillowcase provides a soft tissue outside for user comfort with an inner poly moisture barrier to protect the pillow.Tissue/Poly 21 x 30 inches Tissue/poly pillowcases provide a soft tissue outside for patient comfort with an...

    Starting at $32.99