First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies
  • BIG Daddy Soft Stretcher Dick Medical Supply 30060OR

    Big D

    BIG Daddy Soft Stretcher Orange Large

    Reinforced with black nylon strap handles Rugged, yet comfortable vinyl handles added for easy gripping Convenient carrying case included

  • Antiseptic McKesson Medical Surgical D0012

    McKesson Medical Surgical

    3% Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic 12 per Case

    Package Count: 12. Swan hydrogen peroxide is a first aid and antiseptic oral debriding agent for treatment of minor cuts and abrasions and for use as a gargle or rinse.Hydrogen peroxide is effective for wound cleansing Hydrogen peroxide can use for...

  • McKesson Antiseptic McKesson Brand D0052


    McKesson 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 12 per Case

    Package Count: 12. McKesson Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol features a concentrated solution that can be used on hard surfaces. The 99% rubbing alcohol is useful for medical labs, science classes and schools, healthcare clinics, and other medical settings...

  • McKesson Antiseptic McKesson Brand D0042


    McKesson 91% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 12 per Case

    Package Count: 12. Hydrox isopropyl alcohol topical solution is a first aid essential. The topical solution is made with 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol to suit a wide variety of first aid needs. Rubbing alcohol is ideal for use in healthcare facilities,...

  • Puritan Wound Measuring Device Puritan Medical Products 25-1506 1PF DM


    Puritan Wound Measuring Device

    This wound measuring device from Puritan Medical Products is a dedicated and accurate wound measurement device for pressure ulcers, stomach and surgical wounds. It is important to measure wounds so you can empirically determine whether a wound is healing...

  • VIVI Epi Epi Pen Shield Geri-Care 2009-01-VIV

    VIVI Epi

    VIVI Epi Temperature Shield for Mylan Epinephrine Pens for Allergies

    Introducing VIVI Epi, the world's first EpiPen temperature shield! This innovative product keeps Epinephrine medication protected from the adverse effects of temperature and light. Millions of people with allergies depend on Epinephrine injectors to save...

  • Kids Love Stickers Sticker Medibadge 2325P

    Kids Love Stickers

    Kids Love Stickers Disney Princesses Stickers 90 per Pack

    Package Count: 90. Disney Princess stickers every little girl loves! These leading ladies are ready for their closeups in this kid-favorite sticker assortment.Please a crowd with affordable stickers – stickers are quick and easy rewards Build loyalty –...

  • Kids Love Stickers Sticker Medibadge 2502

    Kids Love Stickers

    Kids Love Stickers Spider-Man Strong n Healthy Stickers 90 per Roll

    Package Count: 90. Little Spider-Man fans will feel strong and healthy with a sticker that lets the world know they were brave at the doctor! These stickers depict 6 different Spidey poses with a complimentary phrase of good health or bravery. One roll...

  • Disney Sticker Medibadge 2138P


    Disney Princesses Castles Stickers 90 per Pack

    Package Count: 90. Disney Princesses Castles stickers are fun and easy as rewards for kids. These stickers feature Disney princesses with their castles in the background. There are 75 stickers per pack.Please a crowd with affordable stickers Engage...